Support for all the hurting pharmacists and the fight for a brighter tomorrow

Today we offer our support to the many pharmacists who have been affected by layoffs or practice constrictions, as well as those of you whose job searches and practice changes have gotten even more complicated. The thoughts and well wishes of everyone at APhA go out to you. Know that APhA is working vigorously and tirelessly on your behalf.

Please stay connected with APhA and your peers as you navigate these uncertain times. Now is an especially important time to network with your peers—you might just make a connection that changes your life! If you are an APhA member and haven’t done so already, check out our Engage platform to get involved in the active discussions taking place. You can also follow APhA on Facebook and Twitter as we continue our efforts to advocate for meaningful change and to support our pharmacy colleagues who are struggling.

The health care system and its financial models are undergoing a transformation, and our profession is going through an exceptionally challenging time. Challenges include workforce changes, health care and societal economics and their associated pressures, and egregious payer policies. APhA is working as fast as we can, both individually and collaboratively with other organizations in pharmacy. We're having discussions with employers about the impact of these changes on pharmacists. We’re working on the issues of provider status and other regulatory, financial, and legislative remedies that we believe will open new doors for pharmacists and create new value in our health care system. We are also working to address unfair, nontransparent payment policies that are affecting the financial viability of pharmacy practices and resulting in some of the current workforce challenges. We are your ally in this fight, seeking system changes that will value and use your knowledge and skills in the changing health care system. 

We’re also going after short-term issues, including

  • Payment policies, such as DIR fees that harm pharmacy practices’ sustainability and ability to safely provide accessible services to patients
  • Pharmacy safety concerns that are very real and must be addressed
  • Workplace conditions that make many frontline pharmacists feel like they’re in an assembly line
  • Concerns about retaliation against staff who speak up
  • Pharmacist and pharmacy personnel well-being

Later this month we will convene a consensus conference to facilitate collaborative, respectful dialogue among employers and pharmacy staff, educators, regulators, and policymakers that balances their respective needs and objectives. I will share updates as we get closer to the conference.

There are going to be cynics out there, but it’s important to stay hopeful. The bottom line is that we pharmacists have SO MUCH to offer our health care system and the patients who need us to manage their increasingly complex medicines. APhA will continue to explore how to be of service and support to all who serve the nation’s patients and communities. As your ally, we are seeking solutions in every one of the areas contributing to today’s environment.