Remembering Jerry Halperin

We mourn the loss of Jerry Halperin, who along with living a stellar career, endeared himself to his staff at the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). He received significant and well-deserved recognition over that career, including the Remington Honor Medal, pharmacy’s highest honor, in San Francisco in 2001. I remember his address well, as it inspired me as APhA’s President-elect.

Even before taking the helm at USP in 1990, Jerry had a leadership role in instigating and planning the first Pharmacy in the 21st Century (P21) conference in 1984. As I was reminded by ASHP Historian Bill Zellmer, the current vision for pharmacy practice expressed by the Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners (JCPP), and the plans of JCPP organizations to assertively work toward achieving that vision, trace directly back to the seminal P21 event that Jerry conceptualized—a reflection of this remarkable pharmacist’s passion for his profession.

Jerry Halperin’s obituary has been published. Just 2 days before Jerry’s death, I was reminded of his staff's fondness of him while attending a USP function. The USP historian recalled working with Jerry, smiling the whole time.

We invite folks to share your stories of a great pharmacist, Jerry Halperin.