Jimmy Mitchell, APhA's Honorary President and servant leader

Jimmy Mitchell Addresses the APhA Board
Jimmy Mitchell Addresses the APhA Board

One of the very great things about this job is that I get to interact with really wonderful people.

This weekend our Board of Trustees had the privilege to spend time with our Honorary President, Jimmy Mitchell, Director of the Health Resources Services Administration Office of Pharmacy Affairs. In his well-known Mississippi accent, he briefed us on his vision and lifetime of service to the medically underserved.

What was remarkable about the presentation was the obvious affinity and devotion he brings to his work, which in simple terms is to ensure that the medically underserved get the best possible pharmacy services available in America. At one point in his presentation the Board and staff gave him a standing ovation in recognition of his lifetime of leadership. We all have a lot to learn from him, and we will continue to draw from his wisdom long after he completes his term as our Honorary President.

Thanks to Pharmacist Mitchell's work, thousands of pharmacies now have relationships with community health centers to meet the needs of this population. We're grateful to him for that.