DC's imperfect storm!

We're in the midst of an imperfect storm!

Over the past few days, Washington has been hammered with 28+ inches of snow. And we're expecting another 10-22 inches tonight. That will make the winter of 2010 the snowiest on record for the nation's capital. The snow coming tonight is the product of two low fronts--one from the southwest and one from the northeast. The Metro has been shut down at times, the federal government is closed, and just about everything else has stopped as well.

The same descriptor--Imperfect Storm--could be applied to the Cornhusker Kickback, the Louisiana Purchase, and the election in Massachusetts, events that produced the current paralysis over health care reform. Today's headlines suggest that President Obama's interest in convening a health care summit later this month may go nowhere as Republicans jockey for compromise and Democrats hold their ground.

In terms of educating Members of Congress, we've made a lot of headway despite the storms over health care reform of the past year. As we go forward, we'll do our best to maintain this momentum, despite this Imperfect Storm!