APhA Members: Don't Forget to Vote

The APhA election is nearing an end. The deadline to cast your ballot is July 17, 2009. APhA Members who indicated that they wanted to vote online will receive an email with the detailed instructions on how to access their e-ballot. If you elected to receive a hard copy ballot, you should already have it. Review candidate biographies and election statements in the 2009 Voter’s Guide, and view the Board of Trustees candidates listing. The candidates have worked hard to earn a slot on the ballot. They deserve a few minutes of your time to review their records and statements. Then cast your ballots. I promise you will feel good about voting.

On another note -- I’ll be out today visiting a progressive regional chain organization to see first hand how they’re handling MTM and other opportunities to empower pharmacists. Don't forget to share your MTM stories with us so we can be better advocates for you and our profession when we lobby on the Hill.