APhA House of Delegates

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Actions of the House
Plan for the 2018 House - Get Involved!


Official APhA policy is developed by the APhA House of Delegates. Comprised of delegates from state pharmacy associations, APhA membership academies, affiliated organizations, recognized pharmacy organizations, and ex-officio groups, the House of Delegates meet during the APhA Annual Meeting and Exposition to debate and adopt policy proposals developed throughout the year. The House sessions are presided over by the Speaker of the House of Delegates. 



What you will find in this toolkit is information and resources necessary to prepare you for your role as a Delegate. What is your responsibility as a Delegate? How do you prepare for the House? More importantly, how do you become a Delegate?   





APhA thrives on member involvement. Support the profession by committing to make a difference. Find information here on how to serve your association.



Keep the profession strong and moving forward through active engagement. Learn, participate and contribute in discussions on matters affecting the profession through Speaker reports and webinar opportunities.

  • Upcoming Webinar Opportunities
  • Quarterly Speaker's Reports
  • Parlimentary Procedure


Stay up-to-date on current APhA adopted policy.

  • Actions of the 2016 HoD
  • Link to the APhA Policy Manual



Find important information as it relates to General House InformationHouse Rules of Procedure, APhA Bylaws, etc. 



The APhA Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) has its own House of Delegates to debate and adopt resolutions on issues of interest proposed by student pharmacists. The APhA-ASP House is composed of delegates from APhA-ASP chapters at each school or college of pharmacy and meets during the APhA Annual Meeting and Exposition.



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