Staying Organized on the Go

Just Life By Andrea L. Brookhart, PharmD

Like many of you, when I was a student pharmacist I developed the best way to keep track of assignments, work schedules, and manage tasks for my personal life like grocery shopping. However, I have found that some of my former methods do not translate well to life as a New Practitioner. I am not always able to carry a planner and definitely do not have others who share my to-do lists to keep me from forgetting something important. In addition to keeping a digital calendar, there are a few apps that can really help you organize and manage your time on the go!

Task management apps
Wunderlist allows you to have separate to-do lists for work, personal life, grocery items you need, and even movies you would like to see. In Wunderlist, you can view items that are due today and this week, star items that are a priority, make subtasks within items, and share specific lists with others. This app is a good overall organizational tool that is very user friendly. Do! is another task management app that operates much like a to-do list that you would create in a notebook or right on your phone or device.

Reminders and Checkmark are reminder apps capable of alerting you to those tasks you always forget, like picking up the dry cleaning. These apps also offer location services and will alert you of your task or errand when you approach that location.

Goal-achieving apps
Streaks is an app that tracks how many days you have achieved a specific goal, allowing you to track each successful day and measure your longest successful streak. Lift is similar, but it connects to social media so that you can share your successes with others. These apps are great for tracking personal goals and habits like exercise or number of trips to the coffee shop.

Time-saving apps
Grocery IQ and Shopper Lite are apps that help you manage grocery lists. They offer barcode scanning and coupon management, as well as the ability to share your list with those you live with so you don’t have to remember to ask your spouse to grab a new gallon of milk, as long as you added it to the list. Grocery List and ShopListFree are also effective grocery list apps.

The website and app helps you create and maintain a budget, spending goals, and savings goals. It is able to log your spending from bank accounts and credit cards to help keep you on track, comparing spending in each category to your budget.

Business Card Reader is an app that adds your new contact to your address book. This means you can get rid of those piles of business cards and search your phone or tablet to find a certain contact you met.

There are even apps like Cloth and Stylebook that can keep track of the clothes in your closet. The apps track outfits you’ve worn for different occasions and can help you choose what to wear for an interview or meeting in a hurried morning.

Hopefully choosing one or two of these apps will help you organize and “time manage” on the go!

Andrea L. Brookhart, PharmD, is a Community Pharmacy Resident at Virginia Commonwealth University and The Kroger Company.