Roles for Student Pharmacists and APhA-ASP Chapters

Give your Campus a Crash Course on the Importance of Pharmacy

Ok students, American Pharmacists Month is your time to educate. Cultivate your future in pharmacy by showing your campus and community the importance of talking to pharmacists and knowing their medications. You’ll raise awareness and help people at the same time.  

If you’re a student who works in a pharmacy, lots of the activities on other pages could inspire you. You can also spread the word by:

  • Share the daily #APhM2016 facts on the APhA-ASP Facebook and Twitter pages on chapter and personal pages. 
  • Writing an article or op-ed for a school-connected professional journal or your school paper presenting a point of view or issue of importance to pharmacy students
  • Tweeting about community events and sharing relevant articles about pharmacy
  • Incorporating American Pharmacists Month into your social media posts
Ideas for APhA-ASP Chapter Activities
  • Hold a Chapter Fundraiser: Sell American Pharmacists Month T-shirts and/or other promotional items to student pharmacists and faculty. ”Know Your Pharmacist, Know Your Medicine” Merchandise is available through the APhM store.
  • Coordinating Care: Get more attention and more mileage out of your work by collaborating and combining forces. Schedule Operation Immunization, Operation Diabetes and Operation Heart in October, and promote American Pharmacists Month during these events. Attract notice by decorating the event area with themed balloons, posters or banners. You can order materials through
  • Host a Lunch: Celebrate American Pharmacists Month on campus by holding a celebratory lunch for all student pharmacists. Offer them a unique experience by inviting an honored local practitioner to discuss the importance of leadership and professionalism in pharmacy.
  • Mobilize for Better Health: Partner with faculty members to conduct free health screenings, “medication check-ups” and other community education events for area businesses and civic organizations. Check out collaboration opportunities with community service groups that do outreach to senior or low-income communities.
  • Inspire Future Pharmacists: Visit a local high school to talk with students about careers in pharmacy.
  • Host a Healthy Happy Hour: Serve non-alcoholic smoothies or juices, along with pharmacy information.
  • Serve Info to Go: Ask your local coffee shop or on-campus café if your group can host a pharmacy hour or pharmacy day, with giveaways, coupons or other promotional material about the profession and health.
  • Be Good Sports: Establish a relationship with one or more of the school’s athletic teams. At games or competitions, sponsor shows, giveaways, put messages on the scoreboard, or put a message in a program. Hold APhM Day at a football game, soccer game or tennis match, for instance. Pharmacy students can also give presentations to the team or provide information to coaches—building awareness of the importance of student athletes talking to pharmacists and knowing their medications.
  • Try Something Unique: Student pharmacists are unique in their ability to creatively describe how pharmacists benefit the patient experience. You are also uniquely positioned to produce content on the many new applications and mediums that exist. Showcase your talents: Produce a YouTube video about being a pharmacist; put together a pharmacy flash mob in your student union building; have the College of Pharmacy host a medicine and wellness-themed talent show; or put together an APhM photo or video journal about your monthly adventures as a pharmacist and display it in the College’s main building.
  • Cross Disciplines: Reach out to other departments at your school to engage different populations. For instance, work with visual and performing arts and literary groups. Consider sponsoring or collaborating with a performance or contest for creative work. (Artists, writers and performers are always looking for opportunities to create, and health and medicine is a powerful human theme for them to explore.) Buy or barter an ad in a theater program or student publication.
  • Get Some Culture: Work with foreign language clubs or foreign exchange students for opportunities to learn about the cultural differences in pharmacies, the need for language skills and the importance of diversity training.
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