APhA Partners with Walmart on Opioids Training Program for Pharmacists

Walmart, Sam’s Club pharmacists to participate in online program

As part of ongoing efforts to help curb our nation’s opioid epidemic, the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) has collaborated with Walmart Inc. to create an online training program on opioid stewardship for Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacists around the country. Walmart and Sam’s Club operate over 5200 pharmacies.

The customized program contains 6.5 hours of training and education, including a pain management curriculum.

Topics covered the following areas – Finding Grace: An Overview of Addiction and Recovery; Bridging the Gap Between Pain Management and Drug Diversion; Chronic Pain Management Best Practices and Clinical Pearls; Opioid Alternatives: The Roles and Risks of NSAIDs in Pain Management; Using Brief Interventions in a Busy Pharmacy Setting; and Naloxone: Understanding its Role and Use in the Community. Successful completion of the full program will result in a certificate of achievement.

“APhA shares Walmart’s commitment to proactively address the nation's opioid epidemic. Walmart has invested heavily in the health of their communities by providing pain management training to their 18,000 pharmacists. Using the latest tools and education, we can make a difference together in this ongoing opioid crisis,” said APhA Executive Vice President and CEO Tom Menighan.

“Walmart is working to implement policies and initiatives that help to address the opioid issue facing the patients and communities we serve. We are proud to work with the American Pharmacists Association to provide additional resources and training for our pharmacists who are on the front lines of this issue.  We are excited to bring the Pain Management Forum training program to our pharmacists nationwide,” said Paul Beahm, Senior Vice President, Health & Wellness Operations, Walmart US.   

For more information on opioids, please check out APhA’s Opioid Use, Abuse and Misuse Resource Center.