APhA issues statement on health care in immigrant detention centers

In the wake of multiple reports of substandard medical care at migrant detention centers in the United States [see citations below], the APhA Board of trustees has issued the following statement decrying the conditions at these centers.

The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) is concerned about media reports regarding the state of healthcare delivery to individuals residing within migrant detention centers across the United States. America’s pharmacists call for individuals to have timely access to appropriate and necessary medications and the patient care services of pharmacists to treat and manage acute and chronic medical conditions.

APhA opposes legislation, regulations, requirements and restrictions that impede migrants in immigration detention centers access to their prescribed medications or patient care services provided by a pharmacist. APhA also opposes the inappropriate prescribing and administration of medications as restraints and encourages adherence with established standards of care without compromising individual’s rights.


Selected media reports: