American Pharmacists Association Announces Recipients of 2021 Academy Awards

CONTACT: Frank Fortin

The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) today announced the selection of recipients of the APhA Academy of Pharmacy Practice & Management Awards and APhA Academy of Pharmaceutical Research & Science Awards as part of the 2021 APhA Awards and Honors Program. Announcements of the APhA Fellows and Professionwide Awards will follow this week.

Honorees will be officially recognized at APhA2021, which is scheduled to take place March 12–15, 2021. The APhA Awards and Honors Program is the most comprehensive recognition program in the profession of pharmacy. For more information, visit

APhA Academy of Pharmacy Practice & Management (APhA–APPM) Awards:

  • Daniel B. Smith Practice Excellence Award – Stuart Beatty, PharmD, BCACP, FAPhA, of Plain City, OH. The award recognizes a pharmacy practitioner, in any practice setting, who has distinguished himself/herself and the profession through outstanding performance and achievements. Dr. Beatty started an interprofessional diabetes clinic, anticoagulation service, transitions of care service, and polypharmacy clinic, building one of the highest-functioning outpatient pharmacy programs in the country.
  • Thomas E. Menighan Pharmacy Management Excellence Award – Ernest E. Boyd, BS, PharmD (Hon), MBA, CAE, of Columbus, OH. The award recognizes an individual who has developed and/or implemented an innovative, original pharmacy program or service which is significant to their area of practice. Dr. Boyd provided years of extensive and meaningful contributions as a state pharmacy association executive in Indiana and Ohio and played an instrumental role in supporting implementation of Ohio provider status legislation, impacting the national conversation. 
  • Distinguished Achievement Award in Pharmacy Practice – Kara D. Weatherman, PharmD, BCNP, FAPhA, of West Lafayette, IN. The award recognizes an APhA member, in any practice setting, who has distinguished himself/herself and the profession through outstanding performance in the area of pharmacy practice. Dr. Weatherman made sustained and consistent contributions to scholarly activities and practical pharmacy research, as evidenced by the nominee’s publications, presentations, and research grants. 
  • William H. Briner Distinguished Achievement Award in Nuclear Pharmacy Practice – William J. Baker, MT(ASCP), BSPharm, RPh, MS in Radiopharmacy, BCNP, FAPhA, of Riverton, UT. The award recognizes an APhA–APPM member who has made significant or sustained contributions to the practice of nuclear pharmacy. Dr. Baker has distinguished himself as an exceptional practitioner, a well-published and recognized nuclear medicine and radiopharmaceutical scientist, an exemplary teacher, and a dedicated and long-term leader in the APhA–APPM Nuclear Pharmacy SIG.  

APhA Academy of Pharmaceutical Research & Science (APhA–APRS) Awards:

  • Ebert Prize – Pinunta Nittayacharn, BEng and MEng in Biomedical Engineering, of Cleveland, OH. The award recognizes the author(s) of the best report of original investigation of a medicinal substance published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (JPharmSci). Ms. Nittayacharn, Hai-Xia Yuan, Christopher Hernandez, Peter Bielecki, Haoyan Zhou, and Agata A. Exner are recognized for the article: “Enhancing Tumor Drug Distribution With Ultrasound-Triggered Nanobubbles,” which contains highly original and significant scientific findings that will have the highest impact on the pharmaceutical sciences and the treatment of cancers.
  • Clinical Research Paper Award – Tayla N. Rose, PharmD, MEd, RPh, BCACP, CDCES, of Boston, MA. The award promotes and encourages high-quality clinical research or practice-based research in the clinical sciences by recognizing an original research article in this area which has been published in the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association (JAPhA). Dr. Rose, Michelle L. Jacobs, Debra J. Reid, Carla J. Bouwmeester, Michael P. Conley, Borna Fatehi, Thomas M. Matta, and Judith T. Barr are recognized for the article: “Real-world impact on monthly glucose-lowering medication cost, HbA1c, weight, and polytherapy after initiating a GLP-1 receptor agonist.” This paper blends clinical practice, appropriate statistical analysis, and identifies unique social determinants of health of an underserved patient population, highlights the tradeoffs patients often have to make at the intersection of cost and effectiveness, and highlights the role pharmacists play in supporting patients.
  • Research Achievement Award in the Pharmaceutical Sciences – S. Suresh Madhavan, MBA, PhD, FAPhA, of Fort Worth, TX. The award recognizes and encourages outstanding, meritorious achievement in any of the pharmaceutical sciences. Dr. Madhavan is recognized for his outstanding research achievements, international work, total funding, and number of graduate students supported throughout his career.
  • Wiederholt Prize for Best Published Papers Award for Economic, Social, and Administrative Sciences – Kenneth C. Hohmeier, PharmD, of Nashville, TN. The award recognizes the best paper published in the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association (JAPhA), that describes original investigation in economic, social or administrative sciences related to pharmacy. Dr. Hohmeier and Shane P. Desselle are recognized for the paper: “Exploring the implementation of a novel optimizing care model in the community pharmacy setting.” This paper used semistructured interviews to identify and summarize the perspectives of managers, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians regarding the implementation of the Optimizing Care Model, and its conclusions provide insights into the opportunities that task delegation of final product verification may bring in the community pharmacy setting.

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