The 2019-20 APhA Academy of Pharmaceutical Research & Science (APhA-APRS) Goals reflect the Academy’s focus on leadership development; advancing the profession through the discovery, dissemination, and application of basic sciences, clinical sciences, and research to improve patient health outcomes; policy; and educational programming. 

2019-2020 APhA-APRS Goals:
  1. Align APhA-APRS Academy Leadership priority goals, objectives, tactics, and action steps to the strategic plan priorities of the Association. 
  2. Actively engage members to provide feedback, input and guidance to Staff in the completion of work products of the Association. 
  3. Assist the Association by providing expertise to the APhA Board of Trustees and Staff on issues related to the pharmaceutical sciences and emerging issues facing the profession. (E.g. follow-on biologics, drug shortages, sustainability, pharmacy practice based research, pharmacogenomics, and careers in the pharmaceutical sciences).
  4. Integrate collaboration between post-graduate APhA-APRS Officer and the New Practitioner Advisory Council (NPAC).
  5. Develop leaders for the Association and the profession. 
  6. Help facilitate any Academy structure changes and promote the active engagement of members within the Academy.