Pharmacy Today, May 2015

May 2015 | Volume 21 Number 5

Drugs & Diseases

20  Showcase: New approval, indications, treatment, generic

22  OTCs Today: Helping patients with weight management

26  OTC Survey: Nutrition and nutritional supplementation

27  Immunization Update: Immunization coalitions

28  One to One: Counseling patients about alcohol–drug interactions

29  Integrative Medicine: Dietary supplements for obesity

35  Conference Roundup: Alzheimer disease, epilepsy, MS, stroke

36  Focus on Obesity: Data on FDA-approved weight management meds from Obesity Week

38  Obesity Q&A: Prevention and management of obesity at APhA2015

40  Biosimilars: Pharmacist, patient education needed

41  Dinutuximab: First and only med for a rare pediatric cancer

42  Isavuconazonium Sulfate: New azole for life-threatening fungal infections

43  Cholic Acid: Treatment for rare metabolic disorders

Practice & Trends

44  Innovations: Improving adherence: Logan pinpoints interventions for patients

48  MTM Pearls: Adherence versus persistence

49  Technology Forum: Adherence apps: Update

50  Cannabis: First in three-part series: Debate grows over pharmacists’ role

52  APhA2015: Wrap-up of Annual Meeting in San Diego

54  Research Posters: Team-based care, adherence at APhA2015

56  Prescription Drug Abuse: Pharmacy-track sessions at national summit in Atlanta

58  Anaphylaxis: APhA’s ASAP model; patient counseling points

60  Military Pharmacy Technicians: U.S. Department of Defense training program

88  Error Alert: Errors with obesity drug names

Laws, Regs & Rulings

62  On the Docket: Pharmacists have property interest in their license

64  Hub on Provider Status

64  Provider status at APhA2015

65  H.R. 592, S. 314: Update on cosponsors, advocacy efforts

65  Pharmacy supports bill in Massachusetts

66  North Dakota: Four wins for provider status

67  Provider status profile: Dramatic help for diabetes patient from health coach Trang

68  Georgia Medicaid: Pharmacist named chief

69  MTM Access: Bipartisan bill introduced in U.S. Senate

In This Issue

News You Can Use: Pharmacist wins cardiology award; Today’s 20th; Tricare stops covering some compounds May 1; workforce survey; adult immunizations

Correction: Student Leadership Award winners

Today’s Perspective: Cannabis: Clarity, confusion

14  Pharmacists in Action: APhA2015; health care data sharing; 340B

19  APhA DrugInfoLine: Inappropriate use of aspirin for primary prevention

Health-System Edition

HSE 1  Insomnia: Digital solutions for pharmacy problems

HSE 2  Drug Shortages: Trends in shortages; online resources

HSE 4  Technology: What does the future hold for hospital pharmacy?