NIH will begin accepting loan repayment program applications September 1

Pharmacists conducting NIH mission-relevant research are eligible for up to $70K in student debt repayment

Qualified researchers—including those with PharmD degrees—may be eligible for relief from student debt through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Loan Repayment Programs (LRPs). In exchange for a commitment to conduct research for at least 20 hours a week over 2 years, NIH will repay up to $70,000 of student loans. LRPs will begin accepting applications on September 1.

“With the cost of pharmacy school continuing to rise, many promising PharmD researchers are opting out of research careers in exchange for more lucrative private sector options,” said Ericka Boone, PhD, director of the NIH loan repayment program. “This is where the LRPs come in—these awards can help relieve some of the financial pressure faced by young researchers so that they can stay in research careers that they love and at the same time not put their families into a financial bind.”

Applicants can choose one of five NIH extramural LRPs: pediatric research, clinical research, health disparities research, contraception and infertility research, or clinical research for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The deadline to submit applications, recommendations, and colleague and institutional support documentation is November 15. Visit for details and instructions on how to apply. Follow the NIH Division of Loan Repayment on Twitter and Facebook for more information and cycle updates.