Mindtools.com: Exactly What it Sounds Like!

Internet Connection By Emily Prohaska, PharmD

What if I promised you that you could learn practical skills to help you excel in your career simply by reading one weekly newsletter? I can’t honestly make that promise, but Mind Tools will! Since 1996, Mind Tools has been distributing free management and leadership advice to people around the world.

Get your management exercise
All New Practitioners find the need to exercise management skills daily, whether it is with a patient, student, peer, or even yourself! While most of you have had at least one semester of pharmacy practice management in the didactic pharmacy school curriculum, the majority of you will not complete formal management training in the first few years after graduation. Management skills are often learned on the fly, which can be a significant challenge for a first-time manager. Luckily, Mind Tools is there to help you succeed in a variety of situations.

At www.mindtools.com, you can learn from other people’s experiences to avoid the pitfalls of leadership and management mistakes. Want to find out more about your management skills? Take the self-assessment quiz “How good are your leadership skills?” to find areas for improvement. Struggling with self-confidence? Review the article “Building self-confidence: Preparing yourself for success!”

Avoiding burnout
I recently attended an APhA2013 session delivered by Alex Varkey, PharmD, where he described his use of the content on www.mindtools.com, including the Burnout Self-Assessment. I had heard of Mind Tools prior to the meeting, but had not used this particular tool. When I returned to my practice site, I decided to use the Burnout Self-Assessment as part of the quarterly performance evaluations with my staff. Applying this tool provided an excellent springboard for discussion, which allowed me to identify areas of concern for my team members and discuss ways we could help relieve certain workplace stressors.

The articles on the web site are easy to read and the content is broad enough to apply to any setting. The best thing the site offers is the objective methods to help you apply the concepts presented. Be sure to check out the “toolkit” section to find articles grouped by topic. Optional paid subscriptions are also available to access even more tools and resources.

Make it part of your toolkit
I know you’re thinking that the last thing you need is another newsletter in your inbox. However, I promise that this one is worth your time. Whether the subject is taking responsibility to problem solving to working with people you don’t like, Mind Tools always seems to find a topic that resonates with me. No matter what is going on in my week, I find that the articles in the Mind Tools newsletter are timely and relevant. However, if you really can’t bear the thought of another e-mail newsletter, Mind Tools also has a presence on various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
As a faithful reader, I highly recommend making Mind Tools as part of your professional leadership toolkit.

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Emily Prohaska, PharmD, is a Clinical Pharmacist with Balls Food Stores in Kansas City, KS.