Lead360's live session and virtual experiences are uniquely crafted for pharmacists, designed to spark your passion and motivation to bring out the inner leader in you. Through expert-led introspective experiences you’ll take a look at your own professional and personal life and clarify how you can take a purposeful approach to developing leadership skills. 

If you are:

  • Seeking to be a more effective leader in your current position.
  • Just starting your career. 
  • Feeling "stuck".
  • Seeking more job satisfaction
  • Looking to change career paths or re-enter the job market. 

Upcoming live events:

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Why Attend Lead360?

Lead360 will help you discover and clarify the personal values, interests and strengths that support and direct your personal and career goals. Each session has at least one facilitator for every 12 people, providing a personalized experience. At the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Understand and demonstrate what motivates them to be a leader.
  • Identify and leverage their personal leadership strengths and how to address their weaknesses.
  • Recognize the importance of meeting their personal needs and following their interests to promote grit and resilience.

Each live program will include the following component sessions during which expert facilitators will guide participants to explore their strengths, interests, value, and needs and how to leverage and align these on their leadership journey.

  • Bring out your inner leader.
  • Leverage your natural abilities. 
  • Identify interests, seek enjoyment, and develop resiliency. 
  • Establish core values and priorities. 
  • Meet your personal needs to facilitate active engagement. 
  • Cultivate organization ‘buy-in’.

Virtual Experience Curriculum

The 3-month Virtual Experience is a counterpart to the Lead360 program and only available to participants of the live event. The virtual experience helps participants maintain their focus on their plan for leadership and personal development and includes:

Pre-recorded by an expert facilitator are approximately 30 minutes and can be watched at the leisure of the participant during the assigned week.

Implementation Activities
Fuel what you learned and make it a reality. This includes focusing on the values, interests, strengths, and needs from the live session and webinars. The activities will include suggested actions participants can take between the webinar and the small cohort call.

Small Cohort Learning Calls
Bring a subset of the live session group back together every 2 weeks to discuss the content from the webinars and the experiences participants are having integrating what they have learned into their lives. 

An expert facilitator will help guide participants and add insight to fuel the passion for leadership development.


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Frequently Asked Questions
Who would benefit most from Lead360: The Leader Within?

Pharmacists who are interested in taking a more purposeful approach to their lives and work. This may include new practitioners, pharmacists who feel "stuck" in their current situation, individuals who are seeking more job satisfaction, pharmacists seeking to change career paths or re-enter the job market, or anyone who would like to be a more effective leader in their current position. 

What do I get for my investment in this program?

Lead360: The Leader Within is not just another lecture-based CE. Included in your registration fee is personal attention from an expert facilitator to help you develop your plan for how to be a more effective leader. You will get to know the other live session attendees as you share your experiences around the interactive leader development topics that are presented. There is at least 1 facilitator for every 12 participants, assuring you have an enriching experience and are not just another face in the crowd like at other pharmacy leadership conferences. Breakfast and lunch will be provided during the program and APhA will coordinate optional dinners to give you more time to connect with attendees and facilitators. You will leave the live session with a leader development plan that reflects your values, interests, strengths, and needs, which can be put into action through the Virtual Experience.

How do I sign up?

Sign up for one of the live sessions by visiting the registration page for the session you would like to go to. Add the Virtual Experience by visiting the registration page and adding it to your cart. Space is limited in each of the live sessions and in the Virtual Experience. We do our best to accommodate everyone, but early registration for both components is recommended to assure your seat is reserved. 

Do I need to be an APhA Member to participate?

No, any pharmacy professional is welcome to participate in Lead360: The Leader Within. APhA members receive a discount on the live program. Visit www.pharmacist.com/join to learn more about our benefits and to join.

Can I participate in the Virtual Experience without attending a live session?

No, the live session is foundational to progress in the Virtual Experience. The live session covers the leadership topics and helps participants formulate their plan, while the Virtual Experience helps participants implement what they have learned and ingrain purposeful leadership development into everyday life.

Do I have to sign up for the Virtual Experience at the time of registering for the live session?

No, you are able to sign up for the Virtual Experience after completing the live session. However, the time frame for signing up will be short so be sure to sign up quickly as space may be limited.

Additional Questions?

Please email Lindsay Kunkle at education@aphanet.org.