Immunization contacts and resources for pharmacists

CDC has provided a letter detailing immunization education and outreach resources for pharmacists. Direct links to valuable immunization resources also appear below.

CDC has provided a letter detailing immunization education and outreach resources for pharmacists. Direct links to valuable immunization resources also appear below.

State immunization program managers. These individuals are the state point of contact for immunization efforts and usually are housed within state health departments. 

Vaccines for Children (VFC) program. VFC is a federal program that provides vaccines to uninsured children at no cost to the child or their family. View the list of contacts for VFC in each state and certain cities.

State immunization registry. Can your pharmacy link to and/or participate in your state’s immunization registry? Your state immunization contact can help you find out whether this is an option in your state. Participating in state immunization registries can greatly help facilitate communication among providers about vaccination. 

Immunization coalitions. Numerous immunization coalitions exist around the country, pulling together partners from diverse sectors to unite efforts to improve immunization rates. The Immunization Action Coalition is working to gather more information about immunization coalitions and anticipates new information in the fall. 

  • The Immunization Action Coalition has several handouts on a variety of vaccines that can be downloaded free-of-charge from it website. 

Free communications resources. CDC produces a number of resources such as posters and flyers that can be downloaded free of charge. 

National, regional, and state Offices of Minority Health contact information. HHS has both federal and regional Offices of Minority Health, and states also have Offices of Minority Health. Pharmacies interested in collaborating with these offices to reduce disparities in vaccination may contact the offices at the following links:

Interactive adult and child schedulers. Do you know about the interactive adult and child schedulers? Immunization schedules are complex and always changing. The CDC website has tools that allow you to enter key patient information and produce an individualized immunization schedule. Patients really like to see that one-of-a-kind individualized, customized set of immunization recommendations, along with their pharmacist’s recommendations.