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The mission of the APhA-APPM Diabetes Management Special Interest Group (SIG) is to create a support network for pharmacists and student pharmacists who share an interest in the area of diabetes management. The APhA-APPM Diabetes Management SIG will allow pharmacists and student pharmacists in this area of practice to connect with others in the field and provide opportunities to discuss up-to-date disease management information.


Members of the APhA-APPM Diabetes Management SIG will be able to share education materials, clinical updates, training events, and other information related to the care of patients with diabetes. The APhA-APPM Diabetes Management SIG will also be a home for pharmacists and student pharmacists to share planning information for community service events geared towards patients with diabetes.

APhA-APPM Diabetes Management SIG Leaders 

SIG Leaders

SIG Committee Leaders

  • Communications Committee
    • Chair: Megan Coleman
    • Co-Chair: Angela Olenik
  • Education Committee
    • Chair: Nic Lehman
    • Co-Chair: Scott Coon
  • Professional and Student Affairs Committee
    • Chair: Aimee Deitle
    • Co-Chair: Molly Obermark

APhA-APPM Diabetes Management SIG Committees

The Diabetes Management SIG Committees and their charges for 2018-19 are:

APhA-APPM Diabetes Management SIG Communications Committee

Purpose: Promote SIG discussion and SIG-related events.

2018-19 Charges: 

  • Appoint 2 ENGAGE moderators
  • Post bimonthly ICYMI to ENGAGE
  • Post quarterly patient cases
  • Monthly or bimonthly SIG member feature
APhA-APPM Diabetes Management SIG Education Committee
Purpose: Identify topics, speakers, and dates for diabetes-related webinars, and make formal recommendations to the APhA Education Department regarding diabetes-related programming. 
2018-19 Charges:
  • APhA2019 Diabetes-related topic suggestions to be compiled and sent to the Education Committee 
  • Identify topics and coordinate speakers for biannual webinar series
  • Post quarterly journal club
  • Guideline updates (2018-2019)

APhA-APPM Diabetes Management SIG Professional/Student Affairs Committee

Purpose: Address issues of pharmacy practice and diabetes management relevant to the SIG, facilitate student involvement within the SIG, and mentor student pharmacist SIG members.

2018-19 Charges: 

  • Identify barriers to practice for pharmacists
  • Identify resources for pharmacists practicing in DM to overcome barriers and post to ENGAGE
  • Lead the SIG PAC Challenge for fall 2018
  • Recommend potential policy topics/statements for consideration/potential submission to APPM
  • Highlight APhA-ASP Operation Diabetes regional and national winners
  • Lead the DM SIG Student Mentorship program with assistance from APhA Staff

APhA-APPM Diabetes Management SIG Resources


Are you looking to make a difference in your career by having a large impact on the lives of patients with diabetes? Obtaining diabetes credentials from an accredited program can offer pharmacists a pathway for professional development in their care delivery. Learn the difference between the American Diabetes Educator's Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) and the American Diabetes Association's Board Certified Advanced Diabetes Management (BC-ADM) designations to see which one may be right for you. This resource was created by members of the APhA-APPM Diabetes Management Special Interest Group (SIG). (Note: APhA members must log in to download this PDF. )

The Skinny on Weight Loss Webinar

Review the home study version of the APhA-APPM Diabetes Management SIG's webinar, The Skinny on Weight Loss: A Review of Pharmacological Obesity Management. This webinar reviews pharmacologic anti-obesity options, including the newest agents and their place in therapy for the management of overweight/obese adults. Brush up on how to differentiate between weight loss agents and learn when agents are appropriate to use in various patient populations.

APhA-APPM Diabetes Management SIG Member Feature: Nic Lehman, PharmD, BCACP


Current position (title and brief description).

Currently, I am an Assistant Professor at Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Des Moines, Iowa. I teach an elective course in Advanced Diabetes Management, as well as the diabetes, hypertension, and men's health modules within the Pharmacotherapeutics course series. My practice sites are at UnityPoint Internal Medicine & Family Medicine in West Des Moines, IA. I currently precept IPPE and APPE students at Drake, as well as serve as an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor for the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine for medical students on clinical rotations in Des Moines.

Please highlight activities and accomplishments beyond day-to-day practice responsibilities. Consider leadership, research, scholarship, and community service activities related to diabetes management.

I currently serve as the Chair of APhA's Diabetes SIG Education Committee. The committee is responsible for helping to develop APhA's educational programming for diabetes management. I also am a member of the APhA-APPM Policy Standing Committee and am the committee's liaison to the Diabetes SIG. I've really enjoyed becoming more involved with the SIG as well as being a part of APhA's policy development process.

What made you want to become involved in diabetes management?

As a P4 student, I had the opportunity to do a rotation at a diabetes education center. The center was staffed with nurses, dietitians, and a pharmacist who had collaborative practice agreements in place with an endocrinologist to provide education and medication recommendations to patients with diabetes. The collaborative nature of the site, as well as the ability of the staff to spend as much time as necessary with a patient to make sure they understood their condition, really appealed to me. The pharmacist, especially, not only served as a medication expert, but could answer questions on a wide variety of topics regarding different aspects of diabetes care. This experience really served as a guide for what I wanted my practice to look like in the future.

Please share a rewarding or memorable experience. 

One of my most memorable patients is also one of my most recent. This patient had been diabetic for several years, but had been non-compliant with medications and checking his blood sugars – he didn't even have a blood glucose meter despite multiple attempts to get him one. His A1c in March of this year was 13.3% and his physician referred him to us for management. His diet consisted of high carbohydrate foods and sugary drinks and he wasn't compliant with his medications. We were able to convince him to consistently take his medications, provided him a meter and talked to him about some small lifestyle changes he could make – in particular cutting out regular soda. He came back in early July to see us and his physician. His blood sugar in the clinic when we checked it was 126 mg/dl and his A1c at his physician visit was 6.8%. This experience served as a good reminder to keep trying, even if you haven't been successful with a particular patient in the past. You never know what circumstances will motivate a patient to change and improve their health.

Nic, thank you for your service and dedication to the DM SIG!

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