U.S. Surgeon General urges providers to address the opioid epidemic

Turn the Tide website offers resources on managing pain

As part of a call to end the opioid crisis, the U.S. Surgeon General has launched Turn the Tide, a website where health care providers can pledge to take an active role. Pharmacists—as key members of the health care team—are encouraged to visit the site and take the pledge.

Those who sign the pledge agree to stay educated on pain management, assess patients for opioid use disorder, refer them to evidence-based treatment options when necessary, and to treat addiction as a chronic disease—not a moral failing.

“We, as clinicians, are uniquely positioned to turn the tide on the opioid epidemic,” VADM Vivek Murthy, MD, MBA, the Surgeon General, stated on the website.

The website offers tools that health care providers can use to screen patients for opioid abuse, make decisions on how to treat chronic and acute pain, and manage patient expectations for pain treatment. Patient resources address safe use of opioids, appropriate disposal and storage, and how to access help for opioid dependence.

Visit the website at www.turnthetiderx.org.