Talk to patients about how alcohol and medications #DONTMIX

Campaign warns patients not to mix alcohol with medications

With the holidays in mind, the National Council of Patient Information & Education (NCPIE) and Healthline have partnered to launch #DONTMIX, a social awareness campaign that ties back to NCPIE’s single message to “think before you drink—sometimes alcohol and medicines don’t mix.”

In the #DONTMIX campaign, pop culture and topical items are carefully incorporated into GIFs and bright graphics for entertainment’s sake, but also to jumpstart a conversation about why medications and alcohol don’t mix. Pharmacists can take advantage of the #DONTMIX concepts and posts, available at, which connect everyday life and personal behavior. They provide pharmacists and other providers with an opportunity to talk about how medications and alcohol are a part of people’s daily lives and are so intertwined in life events. Pharmacists are being encouraged to join the #DONTMIX conversation on social media and can download graphics on the #DONTMIX GIPHY channel, as well as #DONTMIX Facebook and #DONTMIX Twitter.

As pharmacists know, mixing medications with alcohol can cause adverse reactions and can stop the medication from working. Medications include prescription as well as OTC medications that contain acetaminophen. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 150 medications may not work as intended, may not work at all, or may become harmful when combined with alcohol.