A sense of community

Just Life By Brianna Luft, PharmD

After graduating in May 2016, I moved to a city I had never been to before. I was in search of a new adventure, and I wanted to escape snowy winters of the northeast. So I landed in Winston-Salem, NC, which I quickly found was an excellent place for me!

I adjusted into my routine at work, and was very happy in my new city, but still felt like something was missing. One day, I decided to search for yoga classes in the area to try out something new, and I came across a class at Foothills Brewery. It was only $5, plus you got a beer afterward. I noticed that they also held fitness classes and a run club with the same deal! I decided to try out the run club first, and found an amazing community of runners who were welcoming and supportive.

Keeps me motivated
You can run 1, 2, or 3 miles of a mapped out route near the brewery and then everyone hangs out in the brewery tasting room post-run. After trying out the run club, I moved on to the high-intensity fitness class. It kicked my butt, and was the best workout I have ever gotten for $5. It’s guided by a fitness trainer who creates a different workout each week. Another bonus: more camaraderie with fellow workout enthusiasts.

It took me a while to attend the yoga class, because it is held on Saturday mornings, and I am either working or adventuring around my new state. But, once I tried it, it was equally as incredible as the other classes I had come to love. It is a great hour of stretching, and the instructor’s guidance always makes me feel at peace. I work an alternating schedule, so I can attend the “Foothills Fit” class every other Tuesday, and run at the “Foothills Foot Soldiers Run Club” on the Wednesdays that I am off. When I can, I always make it to “Yoga(mmunity)” class. Not only do these classes
help keep me in shape, but they keep me motivated.

If I miss a week, my new fitness friends will call me out on it, and I appreciate that they keep me in check. This feeling of community was what I was missing when I moved, and I am so happy to have found it at Foothills Brewery. Discovering my "Foothills Family" has shaped my new city into my home. Meeting others who value a healthy lifestyle has been really important for keeping me on track.

Find your outlet
At first, I went to Foothills to do something different and try out a local brewery. But, I have continued going for the people I have met and the experiences that I get working out at such a fun place. Despite my busy schedule, I always make time for my workouts. If you haven't found an outlet for decreasing your stress, I hope my positive experience encourages you to take a leap and try something new! Finding what keeps my stress in line makes feel so much happier, and I know that this makes me a better pharmacist as well.

I am lucky to have found these gatherings at a somewhat unconventional workout location. Also, it’s pretty fun to tell people that I work out at a brewery!