Pharmacy Today, March 2014

March 2014 • Volume 20, Number 3


32    Focus on Dermatology: Experts discuss new therapies for melanoma and topical and transdermal formulations

38    Profile: California state Sen. Hernandez, OD, shares how his provider status bill became law

48    CVS: Chain vows to quit selling tobacco products

56    One to One Awards: Pharmacists, students provide exceptional care

58    Professionwide Awards: APhA honors contributions to the profession

62    Academy Awards: APhA Academies honor achievements

Policy and Advocacy

68    On the Docket: Pharmaceutical manufacturer liability for unreasonable marketing

70    Hub on Policy and Advocacy: APhA comments on FDA draft compounding guidance; APhA House of Delegates policy topics

78    CMS Innovation Center: Smith promotes pharmacists while on faculty leave at agency 

80    Provider Status Profile: Brown improves patient’s ‘bowl system’ in Michigan

82    Patient Access to Pain Medications: Pharmacists, wholesalers suggest tougher regulation of controlled substances, which DEA denies

Special Immunization Section

63    Adult Vaccines: ACIP releases guidelines for 2014; study identifies barriers in immunization delivery

65    Immunization Trends: Pharmacy-based immunizations increase in volume, diversity

66    NVAC Standards: Importance of ‘immunization neighborhood’ emphasized by advisory group to HHS


2     News You Can Use: Annual mammograms; Australian pharmacists; new reporting codes

5     Today’s Perspective: Pharmacists’ patient care services

12   Pharmacists in Action: Pharmacists Provide Care; finding APhA on LinkedIn

19   Showcase: New approvals, new indication, hot apps

20   OTCs Today: Counseling patients on sun safety

24   Immunization Update: Addressing gaps in vaccines for adult Americans  

26   One to One: Counseling patients who are blind or visually impaired

34   Integrative Medicine: Studies conflict on using cinnamon to treat diabetes

42   MTM Pearls: Advocacy is essential skill for pharmacists

43   Technology Forum: Alternative to colonoscopy is ingestible camera capsule

100   Error Alert: Teaching patients difference between allergies, adverse effects

Health-System Edition

HSE 1    Insomnia: ABCs of pharmacy challenges, solutions

HSE 2    Innovators: Maki reinvents pharmacist role in hospitalist model of care

HSE 6    Pharmacist Prescribing: Path to prescribing in United Kingdom, Canada