Pharmacists in 2014: Practicing where they’re needed

Today's Perspective

With your colleagues across the land, APhA hopes that this issue of Pharmacy Today finds you enjoying a special celebration of American Pharmacists Month (see related stories on pages 10 and 50). In recognition for all you’re doing for your patients, we bring you the stories of colleagues who have developed noteworthy practices in unique settings.

In family medicine clinics in eastern Tennessee, Brian Cross, PharmD, has developed a strong collaboration with Reid Blackwelder, MD. In this month’s National Edition cover profile (starting on page 34), contributing writer Bruce Buckley describes how Blackwelder—who is also president of the American Academy of Family Physicians—has come to rely on Cross for assisting with the complex medication regimens and multiple diseases common among his patients. Cross, in turn, not only helps patients; he also passes on his vision of a new kind of pharmacy practice to his students at East Tennessee State University’s Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy.

In the Health-System Edition profile (page HSE 4), Senior Editor Amy K. Erickson, MA, recounts the story of Dmitri Lerner, PharmD, and his impact on patients with burns at the University of California, San Diego. Using in-depth knowledge of the pharmacokinetics of the medications important in burn care—analgesics, sedatives, and anti-infective agents—Lerner helps patients through some of the most difficult days of their lives. As with Cross, collaborative care is the key to Lerner’s practice, as he works daily with physicians and especially nurses.

To these pharmacists and to you, too, have a great American Pharmacists Month, and enjoy your October Today!