New ACIP resource offers guidance on shared clinical decision-making

On Monday, February 10, CDC released a FAQ resource on shared clinical decision-making recommendations. Access the FAQs at

The FAQs specifically address who CDC identifies as a “health care provider with regard to shared clinical decision-making recommendations,” naming pharmacists along with other providers who provide or administer vaccines: physicians, specialists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses.

According to CDC, this guidance is intended to aid in the implementation of ACIP’s recommendations. It does not override state laws and regulations about scope of practice but describes ACIP’s and CDC’s intent. The guidance can be used to inform state implementation of these recommendations.

The resources also covers ACIP’s current shared clinical decision-making recommendations that appear on the immunization schedules; how shared clinical decision-making recommendations differ from routine, catch-up, and risk-based immunization recommendations; when ACIP makes shared clinical decision-making recommendations; with which patients providers should discuss shared clinical decision-making recommendations; available resources for providers who want to implement ACIP’s recommendations; and private insurer coverage for clinical decision-making recommendations.

APhA continues to have dialogue with CDC and other policymakers to gain clarity around shared clinical decision-making.