Member spotlight: Monali Majmudar, PharmD

APhA’s Immunizing Pharmacists SIG Coordinator takes the term ‘immunization neighborhood’ to heart

APhA member Monali Majmudar, PharmD, was a community pharmacist for nearly 2 decades before transitioning to her new role as a medical science liaison at INC Research/inVentiv Health, representing the GlaxoSmithKline Adult Vaccines Portfolio. She is the current coordinator of the Immunizing Pharmacists Special Interest Group (SIG) in the APhA Academy of Pharmacy Practice & Management.

As a medical science liaison, Majmudar provides scientific support for adult immunizations and vaccine-preventable diseases to health care providers—including pharmacists and physicians—and works with thought leaders. She lives in Atlanta.

In her previous role as a community pharmacist, Majmudar served as an immunization trainer. She trained and supported pharmacists with their clinical questions or knowledges about vaccines. She also did a lot of community outreach with student pharmacists—“not just to talk about vaccines, but to go out and do it.”

APhA coined the term “immunization neighborhood,” and Majmudar took the concept to heart. A 2014 APhA Immunization Champion Award recipient, she showed how pharmacists play a vital role in the immunization neighborhood.

“That’s something I really learned from working within APhA,” Majmudar said. “Being part of the [Immunizing Pharmacists] SIG. Learning from the immunization SIG how an immunization neighborhood worked. And then taking those best practices and implementing them” in her previous practice as a community pharmacist.

Twenty years ago, when APhA had just begun its Pharmacy-based Immunization Certificate Training Program, and Majmudar was graduating from pharmacy school and starting to practice, “a pharmacist’s role was a medicine dispenser,” she said. Immunizing wasn’t something most pharmacists had thought about.

But as the times have changed, the community pharmacist’s role has evolved, and immunizations have become part of pharmacy, she said. “Pharmacists provide immunizations, diabetes counseling, [and medication therapy management] services. All those things have helped the patient.”

October is American Pharmacists Month—an opportunity for APhA to spotlight our diverse members.

Majmudar is an APhA member who enjoys connecting with other members at the APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition every year. “You come back. You’re pumped up. You’re full of adrenaline. You’re refreshed,” she said.

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Why are you an APhA member?

If it wasn’t for APhA, I wouldn’t have known there are different roles pharmacists could serve in. If it wasn’t for APhA, I wouldn’t have made friends and been able to see what else is out there.


What is your biggest lesson learned about career growth and leadership?

The biggest thing I would tell pharmacists, especially new practitioners, is to continue to stay involved. A lot of students are in leadership roles at pharmacy schools, but they drop out when they start in the workforce. [Volunteer leadership] does take a lot of your time, but it is rewarding because you get to stay involved in the profession.

By being a leader, you get to see what’s going on out there. And you get to make a difference.


Why do you recommend the APhA Annual Meeting?

It’s easy to start focusing on your everyday life once you get out of school. But just by going to one APhA Annual Meeting, you’ll be surprised at what you can see. It’s worth exploring.

Because of APhA, [I met a friend who is like a second sister to me]. Now we see each other every year at the Annual Meeting.