Member spotlight: Jennifer Trang, PharmD

Kroger pharmacist coached patients with chronic diseases, empowers pharmacy teams to provide patient care services

Jennifer Trang

APhA member Jennifer Trang, PharmD, is currently a patient care coordinator for The Kroger Co. In her previous role as a patient care clinical pharmacist at Kroger, she provided health coaching on diabetes, heart disease, weight management, and smoking cessation to patients whose health insurance plans opted into the Kroger program.

For Trang, health coaching was a rewarding experience and an opportunity to give individualized time and attention to each patient. Trang helped patients with diabetes and other chronic diseases better understand their health, guide them to make healthier choices, educate them about preventive health care, and support them in making positive life changes.

In her latest role, Trang coaches and empowers Kroger’s pharmacy teams to provide a variety of patient care services, such as medication therapy management and immunizations, to communities in Kroger’s Houston division.

Following Hurricane Harvey, Kroger’s pharmacy teams served their communities in the Houston area, coming together to ensure everyone had their medications and providing tetanus vaccinations to those exposed to the flood waters.

Pharmacist provider status would be “impactful,” Trang said. “We are the most accessible health profession, and our close relationships to our patients and their physicians can really make a big difference to bridge the health care message.”

Why are you an APhA member?

Yes, I’m an APhA member! My favorite APhA benefit has to be the opportunity to network with professionals who share the same passion for patient care.

What have you learned about career growth?

I’ve developed a fulfilling career by doing what I enjoy the most: coaching and developing others. At the end of the day, I’m satisfied if I help one more person understand that they have the power to manage their own health—or I’ve empowered my teams to have an impact on the individuals they serve.

Parting thoughts?

As pharmacists, we can influence a person’s health with our wealth of medication knowledge, proactive counseling, and positive reinforcement. I love being a pharmacist because of the lives I’ve touched and inspired along the way.