July/August 2017 Volume 13, Number 6

Table of Contents


Is DME coming to a pharmacy near you? 8

By the 2017–18 APhA–ASP Policy Standing Committee

The essential elements of your legacy 9

By E. Michael Murphy

Legacies start today, not tomorrow 10

By Patrick Condon

Determine and pursue your passions 11

By Molly Wascher, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, and Meghan Swarthout,


Gatekeepers for suicide prevention 12

By Meredith Frey, Eric Friestrom, and Marnie Janson

Tragedies inspire new community project 13

By Kimberly Ehrhard 

For me, APhA meetings are the right place, right moment 14

By Xuan Pham

A spring break with purpose 15

By Shannon Stittsworth

Hope for me, hope for my patients 16

By Jeremy Sparks

Navigating Legislative Day with an app 17

By Melissa Khashei and Daniel Lee

Developing your personal brand 18

By Abiola Ojo, PharmD


From APhA Headquarters: Books and electronic products at APhA 2

From Your National Executive Committee: My summer bucket list 3

On Rotation Diary: Preparing for a 10-miler 4

Preceptor Feedback: The race continues as a new practitioner 5

Advocacy: From the classroom to the statehouse 6

Chapter Report: Nova Southeastern takes to the gridiron 7

APhA Board of Trustees: Are you ready to say yes? 19

On Rotation: My experience with clinical informatics 20

Getting Started in a Pharmacy Residency: 
Identifying your winning combination 21

Personal Story: One student, one backpack, one country 22

Student Pharmacists Got Talent: Art is my preferred mode of expression 23

Research: Why research? 24