The ins and outs of moving

Career Manager By Cortney M. Mospan, PharmD

Following the completion of my residency in my home state of Ohio, my husband and I decided to go on an adventure by moving to the south for me to accept a faculty position in Tennessee. Although I was excited for the opportunity to explore a new region and start my career, there were several logistical considerations that came with our first big and out-of-state move.

Professional considerations
One of the most important must-dos is getting licensed in your new state. If you are considering a new job that would require moving to a new state, start researching the licensing requirements as soon as possible. Every state board has different licensing fees and requirements. Some states require a reciprocity hearing prior to licensure, which may be offered monthly or every other month. Transferring your scores through the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, completing paperwork for state boards of pharmacy to request background checks, filling out the required forms, and studying all take time.  Take all of these factors into consideration with your current job responsibilities and start date and licensure for your new job.

Housing and utility considerations
One of the biggest challenges of moving can be coordination of utilities turn-on dates and finding a place to live. Use the resources of the institution or employer you are interviewing with if you are making a long distance move to an area you are unfamiliar with. Reach out to fellow employees within the company for suggestions on communities to live in and areas to avoid.

There are several online resources for finding a rental apartment or buying a house, such as PadMapper, Trulia, and even Craigslist (with caution and consideration). Schedule a weekend trip to the area and drive around to get a feel for the different neighborhoods and be sure to clock your commute. While you’re there, keep your eye out for rentals advertised with yard signs.  As soon as you sign your lease or purchase a property, contact the providers for water, trash, sewage, electricity, and any other utilities you may be responsible for covering. Many providers require you to come in person to turn on utilities if you have not resided in the state before. Make sure this aligns with your projected moving timeline.

Moving truck
Do your research before hiring a moving company or a rental truck. What is your budget? Will you be receiving relocation funds? Moving companies can often make a long distance move much easier, but the cost is often higher and you don’t have as much control over when your belongings arrive. Truck size varies from company to company, and some companies provide insurance for your belongings.  If you consider a company that doesn’t have insurance, contact your renter’s or home insurance provider to see if that will be covered. 

Several websites provide tools to help estimate the best truck size for your belongings. Try to measure your large belongings and map out the layout of your truck prior to reserving a truck. Reserve early because prices often increase significantly the closer you are to your move date. Prices also tend to be higher in the summer.

Finally, be sure to you allow yourself enough time to pack, make the move, unpack, and settle in before starting your new position. Good luck!