Cooking with Christine

Just Life By Christine Li, PharmD

Welcome to “Cooking with Christine”! Reporting live from a brand-new kitchen, brand-new state, and brand-new job, this new version of the old Christine is rarely home in her kitchen in St Petersburg, FL, and rarely has time (or frankly, finances) to make anything fancy for dinner. However, my loss is your gain! This semi-regular column was established to bring you the quickest, healthiest, and cost-savings-est recipes for the new professional on-the-go, repaying their student loans, or even, in particularly my case, too tired or too lazy to learn how to cook.

Overnight oats
This was one of the first—and easiest—recipes I learned when I started living on my own. Healthy, easy, and sustainable, these oats can be eaten as breakfast, a snack, or even as a quick lunch during your busy day in residency. There are a bajillion and one ways to make overnight oats, which is what I love so much about them! They are incredibly versatile and you can add your own li’l spin to them.
I am going to show you what I usually do, and recommend some additions that you can add, in case you want to get fancy on ‘em. 

•    Mason jar or any jar with a closed lid

•    Any kind of oats (I use Quaker Oats old-fashioned)
•    Milk of choice (I use almond)
•    Chia seeds

•    Greek yogurt
•    Fruit 
•    Honey / agave / sweetener
•    Raisins or craisins

•    Add (in this order): oats, chia seeds. Pour milk of choice to slightly cover the grains in the jar.
•    Add any accoutrements you would like.
•    Place in refrigerator overnight.
•    Grab-n-go the next day for maximum enjoyment!