CDC releases 2020 immunization schedules for adults and children

Both the adult and the child and adolescent 2020 immunization schedules are now available on CDC’s website following the release of the new recommendations from CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

The adult schedule for 2020 includes some changes and additions. Adults up to age 26 who aren’t fully vaccinated should receive catch-up HPV vaccination. For adults aged 27 through 45 who aren’t fully vaccinated, CDC recommends shared decision making for the HPV vaccine. Shared clinical decision making is recommended for PCV13 vaccination consideration in persons aged 65 years and older who do not have an immunocompromising condition, cerebrospinal fluid leak, or cochlear implant and who have not previously received PCV13. The full recommendations can be found in Annals of Internal Medicine.

For children and adolescents, some important changes include recommendations for hepatitis A and Tdap vaccines. More can also be found in the journal Pediatrics.