APhA coronavirus watch: Lessons learned on COVID-19 from a global health perspective

In an editorial available in press on www.japha.org, global health expert Andy Stergachis, PhD, BSPharm, offers his insights on the COVID-19 pandemic and discusses an upcoming article by Hua and colleagues on pharmaceutical services in an alternative care site in Wuhan, China, scheduled to be published in the May/June 2020 issue of the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association (JAPhA).  

Stergachis outlines the lessons that can be taken from Hua and colleagues’ experiences providing pharmaceutical care for 1,848 patients with mild COVID-19 disease, along with the article’s limitations, which involves lack of information on personal protective equipment and staffing patterns. Limitations aside, Stergachis praises Hua and colleagues for their contribution “as one of the first descriptions of pharmacy services provided during the COVID-19 pandemic,” and for providing the health care and public health communities with information that may be helpful when planning for medication-related services for alternative care settings.

Download the PDF of the editorial and the paper by Hua and colleagues for free at www.japha.org, or read them in the upcoming May/June issue of JAPhA.