Allied Against Opioid Abuse releases toolkit for pharmacists

Toolkit is available free for download    

Pharmacists across the country are turning to resources from the Allied Against Opioid Abuse (AAOA) to help their patients understand the risks and responsibilities of prescription opioids. 

AAOA launched in February 2018 as a national coalition and campaign to raise awareness for health care practitioners and the public about the steps that can be taken to prevent prescription opioid abuse and misuse. The alliance continues to expand their coalition and add more resources, which can be found on AAOA’s website at

Recently, AAOA released a pharmacy toolkit that is available free for download at
The materials are designed to help pharmacists engage with and educate patients and prescribers about safe use, storage and disposal of prescription opioids. The toolkit includes the following resources:


  • -Pharmacy display  
  • -Patient handout  
  • -Patient engagement guide  
  • -Tips for talking with patients and caregivers  
  • -Prescriber engagement guide  
  • -Prescription opioids: safe use, storage and disposal training
  • -Social graphic
  • -Toolkit overview  

 Additionally, the toolkit includes a state-specific disposal locator on the AAOA website, to enable safe disposal of prescription opioids. 

AAOA collaborated with its pharmacy partners NCPA and NASPA to develop the toolkit. On the local and state level, AAOA and state pharmacy associations in Connecticut, Florida, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee, released toolkits to help assist pharmacists and pharmacy staff members educate their patients about prescription opioid use.