Addressing challenges of influenza vaccination on U.S. college campuses

National Foundation for Infectious Diseases releases report

The National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) recently released a report: Addressing the Challenges of Influenza Vaccination on US College Campuses.

College students, living in close quarters and often juggling overloaded schedules, are largely unaware of their vulnerability to influenza viruses. On U.S. college campuses, influenza vaccination rates remain strikingly low, hovering between 8% and 39% and falling dramatically short of target recommendations. Students often overlook the importance of, or face barriers to, taking preventive measures such as an annual influenza vaccination.

Motivating college students to get an annual influenza vaccine remains a public health challenge. In April 2016, NFID convened a College Influenza Stakeholder Summit to better understand the causes behind this vaccination gap. APhA was a participant.

Derived from the discussions, the report highlighted insights, best practices, and recommendations, including suggested strategies to help students both recognize their risk and motivate them to get vaccinated. The report is available on the NFID website.