APhA Corporate Supporter Program

APhA is proud to offer an APhA Corporate Supporter Program that will increase opportunities for dialogue between companies and APhA leadership. Supporters are invited to work strategically with APhA to improve medication use and advance patient care.

Being an APhA Corporate Supporter benefits you, your company, and the profession by providing access to vital information and opportunities for active participation in Association initiatives critical to your business. Proceeds from annual renewals will be invested in programs that will focus on important communication strategies to improve pharmacist-patient dialogue such as compliance, health education, and advocacy.

There are a variety of benefits that the APhA Corporate Supporters receive. They include:

  • Invitation(s) to participate in the APhA Corporate Supporter Roundtable
  • Invitation(s) to APhA’s Annual Corporate Supporter Reception held at the APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition
  • APhA membership discount for the employees of the corporate supporter
  • Subscriptions for e-communications including APhA’s Legislative and Regulatory Update, the APhA Immunization List Serve, and Focus.
  • Ability to purchase APhA publications at member discounts
  • Annual recognition in Pharmacy Today, the APhA periodical that reaches over 150,000 pharmacists nationwide
  • Special corporate supporter booth signage and employee badge ribbons for use at the APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition
  • Electronic subscriptions to Journal of the American Pharmacists Association (JAPhA), the official journal of APhA
  • Discount rental rates for corporate events on the Potomac View Terrace
  • A copy of the APhA Annual Report
  • The ability to tell your customers and the pharmacy community that you are a partner of APhA and actively support the largest and oldest national professional association of pharmacy

If you are interested in becoming an APhA Corporate Supporter, please contact Parisa Vatanka, PharmD, CTTS, Senior Director Corporate Alliances at pvatanka@aphanet.org.

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