APhA-ASP Chapter Officer Elections and Position Descriptions

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APhA-ASP Chapter Officer Elections

Elections should be held in February of each year. The newly elected officers will shadow/learn from the officers currently in office until the end of the school year. At the conclusion of the school year the newly elected officers will officially begin their term. The newly elected officers should be the officers attending APhA Annual Meeting in March/April, so that they can learn about their position and exchange ideas with other newly elected chapter officers from across the country. Thus a student officer will serve about a 15 month term (3 months shadowing/learning/training from existing officer group, 12 months as an official chapter officer - months 10, 11 and 12 training the incoming officer while fulfilling the position responsibilities). The primary Chapter Advisor is responsible for updating their Chapter Executive Committee information by July 15.

Formal nominations for office should begin one or two meetings before the actual election date. Candidates should be prepared to speak to all chapter members during the election meeting to express their desire to hold office and goals or plans for their term.

Votes should be taken by secret ballot and counted by members of good standing.

APhA-ASP Oath of Office

After elections, the APhA-ASP Oath of Office is to be administered immediately following the election of all APhA‐ASP Chapter Offices. Students should stand (if they are able) at the front of the room, raise their right hand, and repeat the Oath that is administered from the immediate past officer, regional, or national officer present.

"I, (state your name), solemnly swear that I will carry out the duties of my office with dignity and integrity. I will uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution and Bylaws of the American Pharmacists Association. I will devote my tenure in office to furthering the basic purpose of the Association and to implementing its policies and programs. To these responsibilities I pledge myself."


APhA-ASP Chapter Officer Position Descriptions


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