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The American Pharmacists Association Political Action Committee (APhA-PAC) was formed to support candidates for federal office who have supported pharmacy issues and recognize the value of pharmacists in the healthcare system. The success of APhA’s legislative priorities is dependent on the strength of the APhA-PAC and that is why it is crucial for all APhA-ASP members to become involved as a contributor.  Let's make our voice heard on Capitol Hill!  

Overview of the APhA-PAC

APhA-ASP Back the PAC Campaign Resources

Growth of the APhA-ASP Back the PAC Campaign

The APhA-ASP Back the PAC Campaign began in 2011 through the efforts of the APhA-PAC Board of Governors and the APhA-ASP National Executive Committee. Currently the APhA-ASP Speaker of the House represents the student pharmacist voice on the APhA-PAC Board.

The 2020 Back the PAC Campaign will run from January 13, 2020 - March 13, 2020. We encourage all APhA-ASP Chapters and especially our Chapter Policy Vice Presidents to participate in this year's campaign.  Our goal as an Academy is to raise $25,000.  Here are the results from previous years:

  • 2011: $3,971
  • 2012: $2,223
  • 2013: $9,787
  • 2014: $11,760
  • 2015: $11,389
  • 2016: $11,843
  • 2017: $13,981
  • 2018: $25,736
  • 2019: $32,253
  • 2020 Goal: $25,000

To learn more about advocacy or fundraising opportunities for the APhA-PAC, or if you have any questions about the APhA-ASP Back the PAC Campaign, please contact a member of the APhA-ASP Policy Standing Committee or contact Mary-Ryan Douglass, APhA’s Associate Director for Grassroots Advocacy and the APhA-PAC at (202) 223-7181 or via email (MRDouglass@APhAnet.org).for further information. Policy On!

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