The 2019-2020 APhA-APPM Goals reflect the Academy’s focus on the growth of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), leadership development, development of innovative materials to assist pharmacists in offering best-practice services, promotion of and participation in MTM services, coordinated care models and provider status.

2019-2020 APhA-APPM Goals:
  1. Align APhA-APPM Academy Leadership priority goals, objectives, tactics and action steps to the strategic plan priorities of the Association.  
  2. Actively engage members to provide feedback, input, and guidance to Staff in the completion of work products of the Association.  
  3. Optimize the value of APhA membership through active participation of members in the APhA-APPM SIG structure. 
  4. Increase member awareness and engagement within APhA's mentoring and leadership development programs and opportunities.  
  5. Contribute to the development of resources to assist pharmacists to fully engage in the integrated care models and opportunities resulting from passage of provider status.  
  6. Recruit and develop leaders for the Association and the profession.  
  7. Working with the other Academies, identify and develop guidance to Academy members addressing a patient care referral system for pharmacy.
  8. Promote and advance the Pharmacy Profiles system and the APhA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs.