The APhA Academy of Pharmacy Practice and Management (APhA-APPM) specific charges from the APhA President reflect the Academy’s focus on the growth of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), leadership development, development of innovative materials to assist pharmacists in offering best-practice services, promotion of and participation in MTM services, coordinated care models and provider status.

2020-2021 APhA-APPM Goals:
  1. Align APhA-APPM goals, objectives, tactics, and action steps to the strategic plan priorities of the Association, particularly regarding provider status.
  2. Establish and attain growth in PAC fundraising goal by 5% over 2019 level achieved in SIG-PAC Challenge.
  3. Inform, educate and promote Academy members’ claiming their Profile in Pharmacy Profiles.
  4. Actively engage members to provide feedback, input, and guidance to staff on policy matters and in the completion of work products of the Association.
  5. Optimize the APhA-APPM SIG structure and activities to ensure a member experience which adds value to APhA membership.
  6. Collaborate with membership and marketing to perform a gap analysis and make recommendations for pharmacist practice and interest segments which may not be adequately represented in the current SIG structure and which would help APhA rapidly integrate large groups of new members joining the Association through ADVANCE.
  7. Increase member awareness and engagement within APhA’s mentoring and leadership development programs and opportunities.
  8. Recruit and develop leaders for the Association and the profession.
  9. Facilitate collaboration between the APhA-APRS Postgraduate Officer, APhA-APPM New Practitioner Officer and the New Practitioner Advisory Council (NPAC).