American Pharmacists Month

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October is American Pharmacists Month

Know your Pharmacist, Know your Medicine


Celebrate and Spread the Word

The goal of American Pharmacists Month (APhM) is to promote your profession and get the attention you deserve among your peers, patients and community.

We’ve filled this site with ideas for activities and events that spotlight pharmacists’ contributions toward improving medication use and advancing patient care in all practice settings. Use these ideas throughout October—and all year long—to inspire your celebrations!

Remember: Email any coverage, clips, and event photos to

Get the Message to the People

APhA wants to help you send the right messages to the right people and generate buzz for your APhM events. We’ve put together tips to get the word out and give your audience the right impressions. The APhM Outreach and Messaging Page will help you reach your community, attract media coverage, get official recognition for APhM and use social media.

Share your story

APhA is compiling a catalog of portraits and stories celebrating our extraordinary pharmacist members. If you're an APhA pharmacist member, we invite you to share a story of a time when you provided oustanding patient care to positively impage the life of a patient. Please submit a candid photo along with a short, inspirational story about a maaningful, memorable experience with a patient, caretake or family member.