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CDC updates EVALI guidance for health care providers as flu activity increases nationally
CDC News Release (11/19/19)
CDC on Tuesday released updated guidance for health care providers to help diagnose and treat patients with e-cigarette or vaping lung injury (EVALI). The updated guidance comes as the 2019-2020 influenza season approaches, when many patients may show up in outpatient clinics or hospitals with…
Nov 19, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
AMA calls for total ban on all e-cigarette, vaping products
Associated Press (11/19/19) Tanner, Lindsey
The American Medical Association (AMA) on Tuesday called for an immediate ban on all electronic cigarettes and vaping devices. At a policy-making meeting in San Diego, the group adopted the sweeping stance, announcing its intention to lobby for state and federal laws, regulations, or legal action…
Nov 19, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Association of premature natural and surgical menopause with incident cardiovascular disease
Journal of the American Medical Association (11/18/19) Honingberg, Michael C.; Zekavat, Seyedeh Maryam; Aragam, Krishna; et al.
Researchers designed a cohort study to explore the possible link between premature menopause—by natural or surgical means—and later development of cardiovascular disease. The cohort included 144,260 postmenopausal women in the United Kingdom, aged 40–69 years at the time of…
Nov 19, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Patients just as satisfied when surgeons give fewer opioids for pain
Reuters (11/12/19) Chander, Vishwadha
A small study in JAMA Surgery suggests that when surgeons reduce the number of opioid analgesics they prescribe by more than 50%, their patient-satisfaction scores do not suffer. In the study, researchers examined patient satisfaction results for 11 surgeons during the periods before and after they…
Nov 19, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Ebola vaccine approved in Europe in landmark moment in fight against a deadly disease
STAT News (11/11/19) Branswell, Helen
Merck's VSVDeltaG/ZEBOV GP Ebola vaccine (Ervebo) has been granted marketing authorization by the European Commission. The decision comes less than a month after the European Medicines Agency advised that it be licensed. The vaccine is now being used in the Democratic Republic of the Congo under a…
Nov 19, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Generic drug approvals soar, but patients still go without
Wall Street Journal (11/20/19) Hopkins, Jared
Record numbers of generic drugs have received U.S. approval in recent years, but a Wall Street Journal review found that many of the lower-price medicines have not hit the market, forcing many patients to take high-price medicines. Pharmaceutical industry officials and other researchers say delays…
Nov 19, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
New prescription system implemented in Pennsylvania; fighting opioid crisis
Erie News Now (PA) (11/11/19) Schwerer, LiAnna
Pennsylvania recently adopted a tool, Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS), that makes prescriptions harder to forge. EPCS requires doctors to use a key fob or phone app to generate a random number when writing a prescription. The number is then entered into the system and used…
Nov 19, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Retailers across the industry are growing in-store health care services
Drug Store News (11/06/19) Levy, Sandra
Pharmacy chains, supermarkets, big retail stores, and independent pharmacies across the country are expanding their in-store clinics to offer a range of health services. Many businesses are expanding to offer optical, dental, audiology, laboratory tests, health screenings, behavioral health, and…
Nov 19, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
House panel approves sweeping vaping ban as Trump effort stalls
Politico (11/19/19) Owermohle, Sarah
The House Energy and Commerce Committee on Tuesday advanced a sweeping ban on flavored tobacco—including vaping products—as elected officials condemned President Trump's decision to stall his plans for restrictions amid lobbying from political allies and the vape industry. The bill is…
Nov 19, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Juul is sued by New York and California over vaping ads
New York Times (11/20/19) Zraick, Karen
Lawsuits filed against Juul this week by the attorneys general of New York and California claim that the company deliberately marketed and sold vaping products to young people. The lawsuits allege that the company specifically targeted young people with deceptive advertising, featuring flavors…
Nov 19, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition