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An experimental drug protects COVID-19 patients, Eli Lilly claims
New York Times (09/16/20) Kolata, Gina
Interim findings from Eli Lilly's ongoing COVID-19 drug trial show great promise for the study intervention, a monoclonal antibody produced from the plasma of recovered patients. Among more than 450 newly diagnosed cases of infection, the test drug markedly lowered levels of the virus and curbed…
Sep 16, 2020 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
CDC chief predicts COVID-19 vaccine may not be generally available until next summer
Wall Street Journal (09/16/20) Ansari, Talal; Lubold, Gordon
CDC Director Robert Redfield believes a COVID-19 vaccine might be available in "very limited supply" by the end of this year for first responders and high-risk populations but suggests that widespread distribution may have to wait until next summer. "If you're asking me when is it going to be…
Sep 16, 2020 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Association of routine infant vaccinations with antibody levels among preterm infants
Journal of the American Medical Association (09/15/20) Vol. 342, No. 11, P. 1068 Rouers, Elsbeth D.M.; Bruijning-Verhagen, Patricia C.J.; van Gageldonk, Pieter G.M.; et al.
Researchers assessed the immunogenicity of a routine schedule of vaccinations in preterm babies, as defined by protective antibody levels against most antigens during year 1 of life. The prospective study took place across multiple Dutch hospitals and included outcomes from 220 preterm infants plus…
Sep 16, 2020 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
NSAIDs like ibuprofen not tied to severe COVID-19, death
CIDRAP (09/09/20) Van Beusekom, Mary
There is no link between NSAIDs and severe COVID-19 disease or death, new research has found. The Danish study included 9,236 people with infection confirmed from February 27 to April 29. Investigators found that the 248 patients who filled an NSAID prescription 30 days prior to their diagnosis…
Sep 16, 2020 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
CMS announces launch of 2020 influenza season campaign, providing partner resources
CMS Press Release (09/16/20)
CMS has launched its 2020-21 influenza season campaign featuring new resources to encourage people with Medicare or other CMS health care programs to get vaccinated against influenza. The agency said it is taking additional actions to protect older adults from influenza and its related health…
Sep 16, 2020 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
CVS Health encourages patients to pick up medications in preparation for Hurricane Sally
Drug Store News (09/16/20) Levy, Sandra
In expectation of Hurricane Sally making landfall in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, CVS Pharmacy is sending its customers text messages and emails, where possible, to remind them to refill prescriptions. Through CVS Caremark, the company activated a process to provide one-time…
Sep 16, 2020 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Cost of Gilead's pre-exposure prophylaxis has hindered HIV prevention, analysis finds
Becker's Hospital Review (09/16/20) Anderson, Maia
The increasing cost of Gilead's emtricitabine/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (Truvada) pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) drug may be a major reason for why the HIV prevention drug has not been widely used, according to an analysis in the Annals of Internal Medicine. From 2014 to 2018, total payments…
Sep 16, 2020 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Brokers peddle fake medical gloves amid coronavirus shortages
Wall Street Journal (09/15/20) Pulliam, Susan; Forrest, Brett; Grimaldi, James V.
Glove distributors and manufacturers say that in recent weeks, companies that rely on front-line workers have purchased counterfeit versions of nitrile medical gloves, posing potential health risks. The boxes are labeled "examination grade." FDA regulates examination-grade gloves to ensure they…
Sep 16, 2020 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
As oral chemo agents surge, pharmacists help care teams respond
Clinical Oncology (09/20) Buckley, Bruce
Oncology pharmacists are playing a key role at a growing number of cancer treatment programs to ensure quality assurance and oversee safety initiatives. Cancer patients who leave clinics with their oral medication prescriptions "are basically on their own," asserts Patrick Skeffington, co-team lead…
Sep 16, 2020 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Albertsons teams with Phosphorus to offer at-home COVID-19 test kits
Chain Drug Review (09/11/20)
Albertsons Cos. says it is working with Phosphorus, a genomics firm, to provide at-home COVID-19 test kits in select markets, with plans to widen the service through October. The saliva tests usually return results in 72 hours or less from the time the lab receives the kits. Albertsons piloted the…
Sep 16, 2020 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition