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APhA Publication Corrections
From time to time, corrections are made to APhA publications. We publish those errors here for your reference. If you have purchased any of the APhA titles listed below, PDFs with the corrections are available for download. The APhA Complete Review for the FPGEE:Foreign Pharmacy Graduate…
Nov 05, 2014 Basic page
Meet the 2019-2020 APhA Academy of Pharmacy Practice and Research (APhA-APRS) Executive Council
APhA-APRS President-elect (2018-2020) Edward M. Bednarczyk, PharmD, FCCP  A Clinical Associate Professor and Chairman of Pharmacy Practice at the University at Buffalo, SUNY (UB). He received his BS in pharmacy from UB in 1984, and completed a pharmacy practice residency at the Buffalo…
Jul 31, 2012 Basic page
200,000 uninsured Americans to get free HIV prevention drugs
New York Times (12/03/19) McNeil Jr., Donald G.
HHS launched on Tuesday a program that will provide HIV prevention medications free of charge to 200,000 people without insurance. In an announcement, HHS Secretary Alex M. Azar described how the government plans to distribute the pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) drugs for the Ready, Set, PrEP…
Dec 03, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
HIV testing, treatment, prevention not reaching enough Americans
CDC News Release (12/03/19)
A new CDC report shows that too many Americans with HIV are unaware that they are infected, too few have the virus under control with effective treatment, and too few are taking HIV preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP). The Vital Signs report said that increasing HIV testing, treatment, and prevention is…
Dec 03, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Survey: 37% of Americans plan to skip influenza vaccine this season
The Hill (12/03/19) Hellmann, Jessie
More than a third of U.S. adults say they do not plan to get vaccinated against influenza this year, a new survey shows. According to the survey from NORC at the University of Chicago, these individuals expressed concern about adverse effects from the vaccine or believe it does not work very well…
Dec 03, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Asthma control is critical during pregnancy
New York Times (12/03/19) Bakalar, Nicholas
An observational study by Canadian researchers indicates that pregnant women with asthma should take particular care to keep their asthma under control to protect both themselves and their child. The study in the European Respiratory Journal used data on more than 103,000 pregnancies in women with…
Dec 03, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Drug recall in U.S. causes hypoparathyroid patients extreme hardship
Medscape (12/02/19) Harrison, Pam
Patients nationwide with severe hypoparathyroidism are under considerable stress amid a U.S. recall of injectable recombinant parathyroid hormone (PTH) (Natpara—Takeda). FDA issued the recall for Natpara in September due to concern that rubber particulate matter from the drug's cartridge…
Dec 03, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Vaping crisis: CDC study identifies vitamin E as possible culprit in lung injuries, deaths
USA Today (11/26/19) Alltucker, Ken
A new report by the Minnesota Department of Health, which focused on vaping products containing THC, found that 20 vaping products seized in the state by law enforcement this year tested positive for vitamin E acetate, an additive used in THC oil. In contrast, testing revealed that none of 10…
Dec 03, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
CVS Health completes rollout of time delay safes in all of its NC pharmacies
PR Newswire (12/02/19)
Time-delay safes have been rolled out to all 375 CVS Pharmacy locations in North Carolina, including pharmacies within Target stores. The safes are expected to help prevent pharmacy thefts and the diversion of controlled substances. The safes electronically delay the time it takes for pharmacy…
Dec 03, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Potential Medicare savings on inhaler prescriptions through the use of negotiated prices and a defined formulary
JAMA Internal Medicine (12/02/19) Feldman, William B.; Avorn, Jerry; Kesselheim, Aaron S.
Some of the greatest outlays under Medicare, which is barred from directly negotiating drug prices with manufacturers, are for inhalers. However, researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston argue that the system could save big on the devices if only allowed to negotiate and establish a…
Dec 03, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition