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Headspace Mindfulness Meditation App
Free to Healthcare Professionals through 2020 Headspace is an app that is committed to mindfulness meditation though clinically validated research. Headspace indicates studies have shown that mindfulness meditation can positively impact your mental and physical health as an exercise for your brain…
Mar 30, 2020 Basic page
Advocating for You on Coronavirus
APhA and Joint Statements AMA, APhA, ASHP Issue Joint Statement about COVID-19 Medications (March 25, 2020) APhA Statement on Inappropriate Ordering, Prescribing, and Dispensing of Medications and Supplies (March 25, 2020) Pharmacy Organizations' Joint Policy Recommendations to…
Mar 18, 2020 Basic page
APhA coronavirus watch: Pharmacists added to federal tax holiday legislation
Rachel Balick, reporter
The original bill only applied to physicians, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, hospital and medical facility support staff, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, firefighters, corrections officers, and law enforcement officers. Huizenga is expected to attempt to add the…
Apr 03, 2020 Article
COVID-19 Resources and Training for You
Webinars Addressing the COVID-19 Crisis: An Open Forum Webinar Series for Pharmacists are weekly webinars conducted every Thursday from 1:00 pm–2:00 pm ET. Each open forum webinar is moderated by APhA President Michael Hogue.    April 9: Register for the upcoming webinar.…
Mar 24, 2020 Basic page
Practice Resources for You
Pharmacists' Clinical Care of Patients Managing Suspected Cases of COVID-19 in Ambulatory Care/Community Pharmacy Settings: All pharmacies should have an action plan—and pharmacy personnel should be ready to implement that plan. (PDF) FAQs on Medications Being Studied for Potential…
Apr 02, 2020 Basic page
Essential drug supplies for virus patients are running low
New York Times (04/03/20) Sheikh, Knvul
As U.S. hospitals confront a surge in coronavirus cases, they are also beginning to report shortages of critical medications—especially those needed to ease the disease's assault on patients’ respiratory systems. Drugs used to keep patients’ airways open, antibiotics, antivirals,…
Apr 02, 2020 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
White House expected to recommend Americans wear cloth masks to prevent coronavirus spread
STAT News (04/02/20) Facher, Lev
The Trump administration reportedly will announce soon a new policy, based on CDC guidance, that would recommend that Americans wear cloth masks when they go out in public, in an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Draft guidance obtained by STAT shows that CDC recommended that the public…
Apr 02, 2020 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Number of coronavirus cases worldwide tops 1 million
The Hill (04/02/20) Klar, Rebecca
New data from Johns Hopkins University show that more than 1 million cases of coronavirus have been confirmed worldwide, with more than 51,000 deaths from the virus. Data compiled by the university show that the United States has more than 235,000 cases and 5,600 deaths, while Italy has more than…
Apr 02, 2020 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Doctors prepare for coronavirus surge in West Virginia, where patients are older, sicker
Wall Street Journal (04/01/20) Maher, Kris
Data from CDC shows that West Virginia has an older population with higher rates of chronic illness compared with other states. Albert Wright, CEO of West Virginia University Health System, and colleagues are anticipating a higher load of severe COVID-19 cases. He says, "Our biggest potential…
Apr 02, 2020 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Multidrug-resistant bacterial infections in U.S. hospitalized patients, 2012-17
New England Journal of Medicine (04/02/20) Vol. 382, No. 14, P. 1302 Jernigan, John A.; Hatfield, Kelly M.; Wolford, Hannah; et al.
Although infections caused by multidrug-resistant (MDR) bacteria associated with health care were down in 2017 from 2012 rates, a CDC-backed analysis finds that antimicrobial resistance remains a significant burden in this country. The researchers employed data from a cohort of 890 hospitals…
Apr 02, 2020 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition