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AstraZeneca diabetes drug cuts heart risks in major study
Reuters (09/24/18) Hirschler, Ben
AstraZeneca's diabetes drug dapagliflozin (Farxiga) met a key goal in a major clinical study designed to show its heart-protecting benefits in a wide range of patients. The cardiovascular (CV) profile of medicines to treat diabetes is an important focus for doctors and patients. In the 17,000-…
Sep 23, 2018 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Tiny device is a 'huge advance' for treatment of severe heart failure
New York Times (09/24/18) Kolata, Gina
Researchers reported on Sunday that a tiny clip inserted into the heart sharply reduced death rates in patients with severe heart failure. Drugs may help to control the symptoms of the nearly two million Americans who have severe heart failure, but most do not have long to live, and until now,…
Sep 23, 2018 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Pet store puppies blamed for drug-resistant infections
STAT News (09/20/18) Branswell, Helen
According to a new study in CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, giving antibiotics to healthy puppies can lead to multidrug-resistant Campylobacter jejuni infection in people. The researchers studied bacterial samples from 10 humans out of more than 100 affected by an outbreak of diarrheal…
Sep 23, 2018 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Behavioral and pharmacotherapy interventions to prevent obesity-related morbidity and mortality in adults
Journal of the American Medical Association (09/18/18) Vol. 320, No. 11, P. 1172 LeBlanc, Erin S.; Patnode, Carrie D.; Webber, Elizabeth M.; et al.
A systematic review zeroed in on the harms and benefits of behavioral and pharmacological interventions for adult weight loss and maintenance. Researchers with the Kaiser Permanente Research Affiliates Evidence-based Practice Center in Portland analyzed 122 randomized clinical trials and 2…
Sep 23, 2018 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Drug shortages may add $230 million to annual U.S. drug costs
Reuters Health (09/21/18) Rapaport, Lisa
A new study suggests that prescription drug shortages may drive up prices twice as much as they would rise with medicines in abundant supply, adding $230 million a year to U.S. drug costs. Researchers examined data on 90 medications involved in shortages between December 2015 and December 2016.…
Sep 23, 2018 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
In Florence's path, drug plants avoided worst-case scenarios
STAT News (09/17/18) Blau, Max
Some of the world's largest pharmaceutical manufacturing plants remained open, while other suspended operations as Hurricane Florence pummeled North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said at least 30 companies that produce critical drugs, such as the world's…
Sep 23, 2018 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
CVS Health's real-time benefits program helps lower out-of-pocket costs
Drug Store News (09/20/18) Levy, Sandra
CVS Health says its real-time benefits program saves PBM members money, and new data bears out those claims. The system, powered by CVS' proprietary Script Intelligence technology, uses up-to-date plan coverage and formulary information to pinpoint the most affordable medication options for…
Sep 23, 2018 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
State warned against pharmacy middlemen's Whack-a-Mole
Columbus Dispatch (09/16/18) Candisky, Catherine; Schladen, Marty
Ohio will soon become the first state to roll out a transparent, pass-through payment model for Medicaid pharmacy benefits, a move that comes after PBMs reportedly charged the state millions more than they were paying pharmacies to distribute drugs to Medicaid patients. Under new contracts,…
Sep 23, 2018 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
U.S. probes drugmakers over free services
Wall Street Journal (09/22/18) Loftus, Peter
Federal prosecutors are investigating whether major drugmakers including Sanofi, Gilead Sciences, and Biogen potentially violated laws by providing free services to doctors and patients. Pharmaceutical companies say the services, such as nurses and reimbursement assistance, help doctors and…
Sep 23, 2018 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
CDC provides new funds to battle the opioid overdose epidemic
CDC News Release (09/19/18)
To address the opioid overdose epidemic, CDC has awarded $155 million in new funding to states and four U.S. territories to advance the understanding of the opioid overdose epidemic and to scale-up prevention and response activities, including improving the timeliness and quality of surveillance…
Sep 23, 2018 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition