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APhA-ASP Membership Resources
     Membership Vice President (MVP) Toolkit Complete Version of the MVP Toolkit   MVP Responsibilities and Timelines Chapter Membership Vice President Position Description APhA-ASP Membership Calendar Accessing Chapter Reports Chapter Administrator …
Aug 12, 2014 Basic page
Special Maintenance Notice
In order to complete an update of our IT systems, various APhA digital services will be taken offline starting 3pm ET on Wednesday, May 29, for approximately 48 hours.  During this time period, all online activity involving a purchase or a login will be unavailable. This includes the…
May 24, 2019 Basic page
CDC reminds providers they don’t need to screen adults for measles immunity
Loren Bonner, senior editor
In summary, CDC said: Providers do not need to actively screen low-risk adult patients for measles in nonoutbreak areas in the U.S. Adults tend to have high population immunity and low risk of the disease in nonoutbreak areas in the U.S. Providers should make sure patients have measles…
May 24, 2019 Article
Congressional report: Pharmaceutical industry influenced WHO's opioid guidelines
Washington Post (05/22/19) Zezima, Katie
A new congressional report from the offices of Reps. Katherine Clark (D-MA) and Hal Rogers (R-KY) concludes that guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) on treating pain were directly influenced by the pharmaceutical industry, including a set of directions for prescribing opioid…
May 22, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Massive sequencing study links rare DNA alterations to type 2 diabetes
ScienceDaily (05/22/19)
An analysis of protein-coding genes from more than 45,000 people links rare genetic variants with type 2 diabetes. The study, published in Nature, identified four genes with rare variants that affect diabetes risk. The research includes data from people of European, African American, Hispanic/…
May 22, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Trends in levels of lipids and apolipoprotein B in U.S. youth
Journal of the American Medical Association (05/21/19) Vol. 321, No. 19, P. 1895 Perak, Amanda M.; Ning, Hongyan; Kit, Brian K.; et al.
New research shows favorable trends in levels of lipids and apolipoprotein B in American youth in recent years. The serial cross-sectional analysis looked at U.S. population–weighted data for youth aged 6–19 years from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys for 1999…
May 22, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Unique initiative to lower drug prices signs manufacturer
Houston Chronicle (05/20/19) Deam, Jenny
Civica announced a contract with Xellia Pharmaceutical, a Copenhagen drug company with manufacturing plants in the United States, to produce vancomycin and daptomycin used in the I.V. treatment of antibiotic-resistant infections. The generic drugs are the first two announced by Civica as part of a…
May 22, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Doctors can estimate patient adherence by simply asking about medication routine
Iowa State University News Service (05/21/19)
A study in the Journal of General Internal Medicine says physicians were as likely to accurately estimate patients' adherence to medication from their descriptions of their medicine routines as by patients' direct reports of missed medication. Researchers asked patients to describe their daily…
May 22, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
Express Scripts plans formulary for apps, medical devices
Healthcare Dive (05/17/19) Pifer, Rebecca
Express Scripts announced that it will launch a digital health formulary in 2020. The formulary will feature a list of digital health tools, including smartphone apps and software-enabled medical devices, to help patients manage their health. The company notes that Express Scripts clients will…
May 22, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition
New Colorado law caps monthly insulin copays at $100
Pueblo Chieftain (CO) (05/22/19) Roper, Peter
Gov. Jared Polis of Colorado on Wednesday signed into law a bill that will cap monthly insulin copays at $100 for people with diabetes. Rep. Dylan Roberts (D-Avon), the prime sponsor of the legislation, says 25% of people with diabetes have been rationing insulin. "For Coloradans living with Type 1…
May 22, 2019 Publication Pharmacy Today Daily Edition