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APhA Advocacy Issues
Provider Status APhA’s provider status efforts seek to recognize pharmacists as integral members of the health care team and provide patients with access to and coverage for our quality patient care services.   Other improvements to Medicare As scientific innovation leads to…
Jul 30, 2012 Basic page
Advocacy Summary: APhA Asks HHS to Remove Barriers for Pharmacists to Provide COVID-19 Vaccines Nationwide
APhA joined 13 national pharmacy organizations requesting the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) authorize pharmacists to provide COVID-19 vaccines to all patients across the country.  To further help America rapidly recover from the pandemic, APhA's June 29 joint letter…
Jun 30, 2020 Basic page
APhA coronavirus watch: FDA releases COVID-19 convalescent plasma resources
Rachel Balick, reporter
FDA is pursuing efforts to coordinate the use of convalescent plasma as a potential to treat patients infected with the virus, mainly through the facilitation of clinical trials. Experience with respiratory viruses prior to the pandemic, as well as initial data, suggest that convalescent plasma has…
Jun 30, 2020 Article
APhA coronavirus watch: APhA responds to Senate white paper on public health preparedness
Rachel Balick, reporter
Alexander’s white paper—which summarizes past federal actions, makes recommendations, and asks questions about how lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic can inform future emergency response efforts—stresses the importance of imminently passing legislation to optimize preparedness. “In this internet…
Jun 30, 2020 Article
Advocating for You on Coronavirus
APhA and Joint Statements Joint Statement of AMA, APhA, and ASHP on New FDA Action to Remove Emergency Use Authorization of Medications to Treat COVID-19: Physician and pharmacist groups seek to avert unintended barriers to evidence-based use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine (June 23…
Mar 18, 2020 Basic page
Governance and Leadership
The APhA Board of Trustees is responsible for broad direction setting of the Association and development of APhA’s Vision and Mission statements and the Strategic Plan. Policy for APhA and the profession of pharmacy as a whole is developed by the APhA House of Delegates that…
Jul 11, 2012 Basic page
Contact APhA
American Pharmacists Association 2215 Constitution Avenue NW Washington, DC 20037 Support Form: Membership, eLearning/CPE issues, and trouble logging in Membership Support Technical issues (e.g., missing content, bad links) Technical Support---> Phone…
Jan 29, 2018 Basic page