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Image of Olunife Akinmolayan

Olunife Akinmolayan, APhA–ASP National Member-at-large, and 2023 PharmD candidate, University of Findlay, Findlay, OH

Pharmacy intern, Walgreens, Aurora, IL

Member since 2019

When I first joined APhA in 2019, I quickly learned that APhA serves as a foundational building block upon which all members of the profession can stand. Through my personal engagement, I have discovered that my APhA membership is an investment both in my future and the future of pharmacy, an investment that afforded me the opportunity to serve the profession on local, national, and international levels. Through my membership, I have been blessed with friends with whom I can share visions and build relationships to make those visions a reality.”

How has APhA helped you establish meaningful connections?

Through APhA–ASP, I’ve been given the opportunity to cultivate relationships across the country and the world. Developing connections such as these has been paramount to increasing my confidence and engagement on important conversations in the practice of pharmacy. APhA provides experiences and environments that bring members together to share ideas and hopes for what the profession can become. Through these experiences, I have created relationships with student pharmacists, pharmacists, and community leaders that will be cherished beyond my pharmaceutical career.

How has APhA helped prepare you for your career as a pharmacist?

Serving in the International Pharmaceutical Students Federation National Project Coordinator role gave me increased courage and confidence, and it affirmed what I can offer to the profession following graduation. It’s my belief that the next generation of pharmacists’ success lies within our ability to forge connections and utilize resources that have been provided by those who came before us. APhA’s granted me the opportunity to advocate on Capitol Hill, promote the growth of our local chapters, and reflect on the patient’s experience through pharmacy services. Opportunities such as these are preparing me for success as a future pharmacist.

What excites you about the profession of pharmacy?

As a final-year student pharmacist, my inspiration stems from the ability to both witness and play an active part in the advancement of the profession of pharmacy. What excites me most about our profession is changing perceptions of what pharmacy has to offer. The general public is learning how pharmacists play a pivotal role in the full activation of the health care system. It gives me hope to know that pharmacy services are being expanded to relieve burdens and recuperate cost for the health care system.

Can you share a meaningful story about a time you interacted with a patient? Perhaps a time you felt like you really made a difference for them?

As an intern, I met a young family of 3 who came in to receive immunizations. In the ever-changing pace that is community pharmacy, it’s easy to forget that many patients present with hesitation before accepting any type of treatment, especially when it involves children. It’s also easy to forget that taking the time to establish a personal connection can go a long way in harboring their trust.

Increasing the representation of minorities in our profession will aid efforts to provide informed quality care in diverse patient populations like that of my Walgreens in Aurora, IL.

By taking the time to share my story as an African American student pharmacist with an African American mother raising 2 children on her own and making medical decisions on their behalf, I saw how I made an impact in helping this patient make an informed decision to vaccinate her 6- and 12-year-old children against COVID-19 and the flu. ■

Get involved

The purpose and mission of the APhA Medication Management Special Interest Group is to create an online community in which pharmacists from different areas of practice have the opportunity to communicate professional interests, concerns, and prospective goals for MTM services. This community will serve as a conduit for APhA to address the needs of practicing pharmacists in order to continuously and actively shape the provision of pharmacist-led MTM services into financially viable models of practice that produce improved patient outcomes.

APhA’s new Marketing MTM Services resource helps pharmacists communicate the value of their patient care services to patients, providers, and payers. The comprehensive guide explores the differences between digital and traditional marketing, provides considerations for marketing strategies and messaging, and lists marketing resources and tools. Developing relationships with prescribers can greatly enhance MTM services in community pharmacies—benefiting the pharmacist, prescriber, and the patients they care for. The Medication Management SIG’s Toolkit for Marketing MTM to Prescribers includes 10 resources that help to guide pharmacists through the general approach and conversation components that will fuel budding collaborations between pharmacists and prescribers in MTM service delivery.

Visit to learn more. ■

Preceptor guides

Preceptors take on many roles, that of teacher, coach, practitioner, provider, and faculty member. Just as you may have had great preceptors who made an impact on your personal and professional development, you can make a lasting impact for future pharmacists.

While it may seem intimidating getting ready for a rotation with a learner, with a bit of preparation and organization, you’ll be able to ensure a great learning experience for your learner, your pharmacy team, and yourself.

Check out APhA’s full guide at for tips and ideas for new preceptors and helpful reminders for seasoned preceptors. Much of this material is applicable for different types of learners, including both student pharmacists and pharmacy residents, but focuses on student pharmacist learners.

APhA also offers advanced preceptor training for those seeking the knowledge and confidence of a successful preceptor. If you currently serve as a preceptor, this program will give you access to peer-developed content which will provide you with additional knowledge and tools to enhance the experiential education process for you and your student pharmacists and residents. For new preceptors, the APhA Advanced Preceptor Training available at will provide you with a strong foundation to get started in your new role. ■




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