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Pharmacists: Heroes of the pandemic
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Pharmacists: Heroes of the pandemic

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Today's Perspective

According to the latest CDC data, the U.S. has experienced a bump in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and death this winter. At the same time, this year’s cold and flu season has been a difficult one, with the trio of COVID-19, flu, and respiratory syncytial virus placing stress on health care systems nationwide. Pharmacists continue to play a key role in responding to COVID-19 and related challenges.

Pharmacists: Heroes of the pandemic

This month’s Pharmacy Today cover story digs into the data to illustrate just how essential pharmacists have been and continue to be in lessening the burden of COVID-19 and flu. According to a recent study published in JAPhA by John Grabenstein, RPh, PhD, FAPhA, pharmacists have delivered over 50% of COVID-19 vaccinations in the United States. In fact, from February 2020 to September 2022, pharmacists and technicians conducted over 42 million COVID-19 tests, provided over 270 million COVID-19 vaccinations in community pharmacies, and administered more than 50 million flu and other vaccinations annually. This feat is nothing short of amazing, with Grabenstein stating “the convenience, access, and competence of pharmacists was important and bore out in this enormous percentage.”

In this month’s issue of Today, you’ll also find the latest on controlling heartburn, how to counsel your patients about evening primrose oil, and learn about the newest heart failure medication that’s delivered via on-body infusion. You can also learn more about legislative, legal, and regulatory developments affecting pharmacy in 2022 in this month’s CPE article.

I am constantly impressed by the way our profession has stepped up repeatedly and consistently to meet COVID-19, flu, and other health care needs. Although challenging, it is truly an honor that pharmacists have been given the opportunity to show what they can contribute to public health and infectious disease treatment and prevention in recent years. Take a moment today and congratulate yourself for being a part of this trusted profession that is continuing to identify ways to save lives and improve medication therapy outcomes.

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