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Crossword Challenge: Test your knowledge!
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Crossword Challenge: Test your knowledge!

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Crossword Challenge


    8  Disease caused by a thiamine deficiency

    9  Tablet

  10  Male sex hormone

  12  CDC committee that recommends immunization policy

  13  Patients should get a flu shot this often

  17  Fast, as a rise

  18  Common symptom of an allergic reaction

  20  Severe allergic reaction that may be treated with 14-down

  24  Medication that reduces the risk of contracting HIV

  25  Asthmatic’s aids



    1  Older adults, for example

    2  Group of five

    3  Gland that is the site of the most common cancer in women

    4  Carbohydrates that act as a prebiotic

    5  A harmful component of cigarette smoke

    6  To decrease a medicine slowly

    7  Longest part of the large intestine

  11  Skin condition common among teens

  14  Epinephrine, by another name

  15  Break open, as with cells

  16  Nearer to the center (trunk of the body) or to the point of attachment to the body

  19  Pharmacists avoid one of these with medications

  21  Common part of a test kit

 22  Part of the “H” in ADHD

  23  Common route of medication administration


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