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Crossword Challenge: Test your knowledge!
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Crossword Challenge: Test your knowledge!

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Crossword Challenge


    9   Some patients are allergic to this antibiotic component

  10   Type of exercise that builds strength

  11   Muscular weakness or partial paralysis

  12   The time you seem to be on hold with insurance companies

  13   Administered medicine

  15   Medication approval org.

  16   Psychedelic often studied for its effects

  17   The messenger form of this stimulates immune response with the COVID-19 vaccine

  19   Air carrier?

  20   Virus that can cause respiratory illness

  23   Tyrannosaurus ___

  24   Withdrawal symptom, in short

  25   Facial cavity often the target of pseudoephedrine

  27   Inconsequential

  32   Sleep supplement

  33   Emotionally demanding



    1   Org. devoted to medication safety

    2   These often pop up with drug–drug interactions

    3   Cause of a 2002 viral outbreak

    4   PREP target

    5   Unpleasant menopause symptoms

    6   Treatments for dry eyes may cause one of these

    7   Status earned by pharmacists

    8   Disease caused by a vitamin C deficiency

  13   Fees taken by payers after a Medicare prescription is filled   

  14   When patients have 24-across they may need this

  15   Pharmacists are always alert for this type of prescription

  16   Slow drips

  18   With skill

  21   ___ deferens

  22   Disease that usually requires inhalers

  26   Common adverse effect of many medications

  28   Bit

  29   0.473 liters

  30   Topical salicylic acid can be used to treat this skin condition

  31   Eye affliction that may require antibiotic treatment


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