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Crossword Challenge: Test your knowledge!
Michelle Powell 1580

Crossword Challenge: Test your knowledge!

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Crossword Challenge


    1  Combining drugs to make a medication for a specific patient

    7  Agency that recommends vaccination schedules

    9  Demolished

  10  Product used to remove dead skin cells

  11  Commonly used NSAID

  12  Anatomical horn, ancient Roman brass instrument

  13  Vitamin A1

  15  Method to administer a vaccination

  18  You may do this to an 8 Down

  20  Hair that protects against dust and debris in the eye

  23  Bone prefix

  24  Anticonvulsant medication

  26  Medication that inhibits yeast growth...right away

  27  Pharmacies hopefully do not run _____ of the state board of pharmacy’s rules

  28  Organization that monitors pollution (abbr.)

  29  Anxiety, uneasy state



    1  Insects may be _________ of disease

    2  Pesky pest that may spread malaria, dengue fever, or zika

    3  Kingdom, phylum, class, _____, family, genus, species

    4  Necessary, as in “do the _____”

    5  Young patients

    6  With glucose, simple sugar component of lactose

    7  Energy points that may become “blocked”

    8  Helps keep scurvy at bay

  14  Theories derived from the scientist who discovered gravity

  16  Medication that can reverse an opioid overdose

  17  Often painful rash treated with an antiviral

  19  Whistle blower       

  20  Energy prefix or a Marvel supervillian

  21  Morning caffeine source

 22 Muscular immobility, especially during REM sleep

  25  Age measurement

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